Born from sea-form as the daughter of the sky and the earth, Venus represents the Divine union of intuition and emotion. Venus is symbolic with love, beauty, sex, fertility, creation and prosperity, and is a symbol of the Universal feminine.  In the natal chart, Venus is the planet that is associated with love, relationships and material gain. Venus rules the Taurus 2nd House of self opinion, how you will earn your income, and your approach to material gain, as well as the Libra 7th House of intimate and professional relationships. In Taurus, Venus is able to express her earthy, and physically attentive self, the part of Venus energy that is focused on creation, nurturing and physical well-being. In Libra, Venus is able to express her more cerebral qualities, allowing her empathetic wisdom and knowledge of pure justice, to support and guide others in proper relationship etiquette and interaction. Combined, and rulerships of your 2nd and 7th Houses, and the positioning of Venus in the natal chart, will determine much about how your relationships shall flow, explain your expectations regards career and finances, and where you will work your personal and moral system regards others.

Below is a very brief list of keywords for Venus and her placements.

Venus in the:-

  • 1st House – strong sense of self, aura of sensuality and vulnerability, friendly, caring, nurturing spirit, outwardly attractive, youthful appearance, charismatic
  • 2nd House – lover of beauty and beautiful objects, enjoy financial comfort, materially ambitious, lover of fine wine and dining, luxurious outlook, charitable, creative with appearance, affectionate, selective in love, close to nature and the sea
  • 3rd House – literary connoisseur, avid communicator, highly social, writer/author/social commentator, enjoy learning about art/food/music, creatively scientific, highly intuitive, tactful and diplomatic
  • 4th House – creator of calm and harmony within the home, comfortable dwelling, keen gardener, cook rather than a chef, determined provider, responsible parent, sentimental
  • 5th House – lover of romance, hesitant to commit to relationships, love a good time, quintessential party animal, avidly social, socialite, gambler, career risk taker, artistic, musically minded, actor, dancer
  • 6th House – fund raiser, someone who will wish to show others the beauty of the world, keen on physical fitness and health issues, more practical than romantic in love, lover of nature and natural items
  • 7th House – in search of romantic and career perfection, believes in nothing less than true love, high expectations regards others, success in love and career, attractive to others, relationships are a main focus in life
  • 8th House – reliant on others for financial support, must experience a deeply sensual connection with partners, potential for promiscuity, deep need for true absorption with love partners, demands honesty, growth through relationships, interested in the occult, gifted in mediumship abilities, highly psychic
  • 9th House – highly spiritual by nature, guided by faith, love of travel and the cultures of others, a love of the intellectual and the academic, highly moral, selective in love and friendship, very social
  • 10th House – ambitious, successful with aims, materially focused, highly attractive to others, charismatic, sensual, prone to superficial moments, can be attracted to fame
  • 11th House – very social but selective regards friends, creative and inspired, big dreams, guided to help others on a grand scale, whimsical in love, romantic, hopeful, highly intuitive and insightful
  • 12th House – can struggle to understand emotions and desires, deeply inspired, very romantic, need to work on boundary system and healing past life relationship energy

Venus in:-

  • Aries – bold, courageous, determined. ambitious, brash, leader
  • Taurus – stubborn, determined, closed minded, caring, generous
  • Gemini – communicator, socially minded, short attention span, curious, explorer, active
  • Cancer – empathetic, protective, comforting, supportive
  • Leo – extravagant, creative, expressive, exotic, playful, friendly, psychic
  • Virgo – health focused, practical, critical, organised, design focused
  • Libra – righteous, selective, discerning, often non-committal, seeker of balance and harmony
  • Scorpio – passionate, intense, dramatic, sexual, vulnerable, honest, elusive
  • Sagittarius – selective, demanding, charismatic, moral, just, idealistic
  • Capricorn – serious, secretive, supportive, high expectations, practical, ambitious
  • Aquarius – dreamer, idealistic, insightful, inspirational, future orientated
  • Pisces – romantic, whimsical, vulnerable, boundary issues, determined, wilfull

Venus in aspect to:-

  • Venus and Moon – emotional, sensitive, intuitive, creative, inspired, protective, vulnerable
  • Venus and Sun – determined, ambitious, expressive, funny, friendly, magnetic, lucky
  • Venus and Mercury – creative, social, expressive, entertaining, learning, travelling
  • Venus and Mars – combative, competitive, physically focused, sexually focused, relationship focused
  • Venus and Jupiter – lucky, expansive, creative, ambitious, jovial, contented
  • Venus and Saturn – practical, pockets of depression, realistic, hard-working
  • Venus and Uranus – insightful, excitable, can be unrealistic, whimsical, inventive
  • Venus and Neptune – creative, romantic, gentle, introspective, reflective, psychic
  • Venus and Pluto – passionate, regenerative, honest, rebirth of desires

In regards to aspect, easements are conjunctions, sextiles and trines, meaning that the energy flow shared will happen naturally, and with little resistance. Squares and oppositions bring about resistance, and challenge the basis on your original intention. Neither easements of challenging aspects are good or bad, it is simply an indication on how naturally the aspect potential will evolve.


Image:- Pierre Henri Picou


© Karen Piscitelli