Asteroid 77 Frigga & Asteroid 76 Freia


Asteroid 77 Frigga is a class M-type, or metallic type asteroid, located within the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, who was discovered on November 12, 1862 by C.H.F Peters.

Asteroid Frigga takes roughly four and a half years to orbit the Sun, spending five to six months in each sign, retrograde dependent.

Asteroid 76 Freia is a large Cybele asteroid, located in the main asteroid belt. She was discovered on October 21, 1862 by Heinrich d’Arrest.

Asteroid Freia takes roughly six and half years to orbit, spending five or so months in each sign, retrograde dependent.


Known as the Goddess wife of the Nordic God Odin and mother to Baldur, Frigga was renowned for her ability of foreknowledge, or what we would call precognition, or psychic abilities. With a name meaning ‘beloved’, Frigga is associated with love and desire. She is also known as a Goddess of wisdom and is associated with the element of Earth. Her name has also evolved into the weekday of Friday, and she is linked to the rising Sun.

There is not a lot documented in regards to Goddess Frigg, but it is known that she was a volva, or seeress and sorceress, and that she brought the Norse magic of Seidr to the Gods and mankind. Seidr is the art of altering the woven course of one’s destiny, which was achieved by entering a state of higher consciousness, very similar to that of Shamanism. Seidr was primary a feminine activity, and practitioners would travel from village to village, performing seidr in return for food and shelter.

Frigga is often associated with the Goddess Freya, and it is debated if they are one in the same. Freya is often classified as the more ‘ladylike’ or seductive of the two Goddesses. Whilst it is claimed that both were unfaithful to Odin, it is often Freya who is classified as the Goddess who is more promiscuous.


To locate asteroid 77 Frigga or Asteroid 76 Freia in your natal chart, head over to and input the numbers 77 and/or in the additional objects field.

In your natal chart, Goddess Frigga or Goddess Freya will indicate your ability of foresight and foreknowledge. This is an area of your chart where it will feel natural to enter some form of shamanic state, and where you may receive psychic guidance of some sort. Those with Frigga or Freya in strong aspect to the personal planets or the Nodes, may find that they are guided more by intuitive knowing, than logical reason at times, and that they experience a very close and fluid connection with their spirit guides. These people may also be highly spiritual in nature, and will adopt a practice of faith that is very earth based in nature. Goddess Frigga or Goddess Freya, will also highlight a passionate part of your chart, and where you will have to live within your own truth.

Dion Fortune and Aleister Crowley both had prominent Frigga placements, but looking through the charts of other famous witches and astrologers, there is no common link. However, it is very prominent in the charts of many well-known psychics, namely Sylvia Browne, Alision Dubois and John Edwards.

To support the theory of the promiscuous separation of Frigga and Freia, looking towards more sexually prominent public figures and Pamela Anderson has Freia in aspect, as does Brigitte Bardot. Michael Douglas has Frigga conjunct his natal Moon, and Elizabeth Taylor has Freia in aspect to her Black Moon Lilith. This was very hit and miss in nature, almost as elusive as the actuality of proof to support Frigga and Freya being one in the same. Sexual tendencies towards infidelity or promiscuity would need more supportive aspects to be put into active theory, as there does not appear to be a sexual link involving Frigga or Freia.

Keywords:- psychic, intuition, premonition, psychic warning, spiritual guidance, connection to the earth, earth magic, wicca or pagan leanings, natural magic, shamanism, passion, commitment


Sources:- Norse-Mythology – Wiki


Artwork – Freya and the necklace – J Doyle Penrose



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