Taurus New Moon 2017 – The Great Mother Goddess Rises

She places her hand upon the earth, her earth, she the giver of life, the giver of food and the holder of mysteries. She has the ability to give and take, to end or begin, determined by whether she views life through the warmth of the sun, or the salt of her tears.

On the 26th April, 2017, there will be a New Moon at 6 degrees Taurus. There are few aspects to the New Moon, but her power is far from diminished, nor is her message any less complex. Ruled by Venus, who is posited on the anaretic 29th degree in Pisces, she brings with her a determined desire that her wishes for you are granted.

Symbolic with love, beauty, sex, fertility, creation and prosperity, Venus is a Goddess symbol of the Universal feminine. She is the friend that you keep, and the friend that you are. She is you as a sister, a lover, an acquaintance, and a work colleague. Venus is how you will best earn money and how you will ultimately choose to define yourself. She is where you learn to love and hate yourself, where you learn to love and hate others, and where you choose to express yourself in a sensual and creative way.

Venus forms an interesting quincunx to the Virgo ruled North Node this cycle, which indicates that elements of the present are making thoughts of the future uncomfortable. With the Taurus New Moon forming a quincunx with Black Moon Lilith, there is a lot of hidden emotional energy to contend with. Black Moon Lilith brings the darker element of humanity to mind, and you could find yourself dealing with your most painful memories at the moment, or find that you are challenged by abusive, confusing and unjust behaviour during the next month.

As Venus, the ruler of the New Moon will soon enter Aries, a sign she is not overly comfortable with, it may be challenging to recognise the true benefits that this New Moon will bring over the coming weeks. Feeling the unsettling discomfort of your, or someone else’s shadow, will challenge you to solution find and seek independence from situations or individuals that are not helping you to rise to the best of your abilities. Venus and Taurus potential is about stamina, wellness, inner determination and the desire to bring what you believe you deserve closer to you.

This Taurus New Moon cannot be discussed without mention of the Great Mother Goddess Demeter, as asteroid 1108 Demeter sits in conjunction to the New Moon. Demeter is the Goddess of the grain, the giver of food and the keeper of mysteries. She is the mother of Persephone, the Goddess of the Underworld, and together, they have been noted as Goddesses of life and death, justice and prosperity.  Worship to Demeter was seen as a time of seeking a blessing for the harvest, a wish that the great corn mother would bless all with a sizeable bounty.

Whilst there will be challenges this Taurus New Moon cycle, most of these challenges will be from within. Despite what the external may throw your way, it will be up to you how you choose to deal with it, and how willing you will be prepared to accept the consequences of your words or actions. Black Moon Lilith will bring you strength, but there is always a choice in how this strength is delivered to those around you. Black Moon Lilith is a dark muse to the intentions of the Venus ruled New Moon, however, she will connect you to the truth behind your present motivations, with Venus helping to guide you to the most prosperous ways of expression.


Image copyright the original artist who is unknown to me


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