Mars In Gemini 2017

From the 22nd of April until the 6th of June, 2017, Mars will journey through Gemini, hastening your thoughts, busying your days, and lightening the mood just a touch. Mars is the energy force of drive, passion and determination. He is the the fire in our bellies, the vehemence behind our beliefs, and he is the excitement behind our next adventure. Mars energy pushes you to stomp where you may tentatively tip-toe, and encourages you to push through boundaries that are holding you back. He is the voice of temper however, and the scream of frustration, and the apology of consequence when patience has been lost.

Gemini is the sign of the twins, an energy of duality, of light and shadow, curiosity and uncertainty. Ruling the 3rd House of closer community and communications, Mars in Gemini indicates a time of activity closer to home, exploration of information, the gathering of like-minds and the fascination of new possibility.  Mars in Gemini will also bring confusion about options, uncertainty due to scattered thinking, and a mindset that is easily distracted. It will be important to focus on staying grounded the next while, so that you are able to harness the freedom of possibility that Mars in Gemini can bring, without being side-tracked too heavily from your ultimate goals.

Aspects of Mars in Gemini in transit

Mars square Nodes – 19th – 28th April

  • More energy focused on healing/distancing self from challenges of/from the past, and a more active focus on forward/future direction.

Mars oppose Black Moon Lilith – 30th April – 10th May

  • Issues raised during this time can highlight darker behaviour in self, can find you dealing with combative others, can bring you challenging individuals or situations, can find you forced to defend yourself in some way, can find difficult memories or individuals from the past clouding the positivity of the present and future.

Mars square Neptune – 8th – 17th May

  • Can bring about challenges regards letting go of control, power struggles can occur, dominating or draining behaviour can happen within relationships, work, career or creative outlets can be draining, boundaries can be crossed or challenged by others, or you could find yourself doing the same to another, loss of desire to complete project, unrealistic desires in regards to relationships and expectations of performance in seklf or others, lacking clarity, driven to achieve hidden potential, challenged to connect with deeper meaning, spiritually heightened, sleep energy can be disrupted, may feel low in physical health, immune system can be low

Mars trine Jupiter – 8th – 17th May

  • Positive time for problem resolution, ease in sorting through any relationship issues, positive time to explore further study or to delve into the details more deeply, pleasantly social time, possible good news pocket regarding legal or career based issues

Mars quincunx Pluto – 17th – 23rd May

  • Time to mind ones need to be in the power position and in control, challenges with authority figures or self-control, challenging time for public speaking, can feel that timing is out, inappropriate words or actions either intentionally or unintentionally, struggle to remain emotionally in balance, overly chatty, nervous potential

Mars oppose Saturn – 26th May – 3rd June

  • Positive time to highlight potential to those who can assist growth and change, beneficial time for study and career exploration, positive time to explore options, time of slow progress, frustrations can be high, patience is needed

Mars sextile Uranus – 27th May – 5th June

  • Lots of ideas and possibility, erratic and unexpected potential, unusual interests, sudden insight encourages a swift change of direction that may be short-lived, clarity gained of an issue, inspired by something new

Mars sextile Nodes – 29th May – 6th June

  • Happy to leave a past element behind, positive future growth, wisdom gained about a past event, clarity gained about a future possibility

Mars square Chiron – 30th May – 7th June

  • Progress slows until lesson is gained from a past situation, guided to advise another, called to support another or others, placing other’s needs above your own, needing to learn more about a situation before forming a judgement, being misjudged by others, rushing through the process, not learning from a past mistake.



Image – copyright the original artist and photographer, who are unknown to me


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