Black Moon Lilith In Sagittarius 2017

As the dark Goddess Lilith transits from Scorpio to Sagittarius, it will be time to bring fairness and just resolution to problematic issues that have been brought to light during her travels in Scorpio. With her focus shifting from uncovering the truth behind 8th House matters involving truth, death, sex and unexpected sources of income, to foreign interests, publishing, higher learning, legal issues and religion, her influence will intensify and her impact will become more public. Global news and matters involving the press are becoming an ever growing part of an individual’s day. Where many people may have chosen to bury their heads regards world news, more attention is being paid to the intentions of overseas leaders, and the impact that their words and actions will have on a global and personal scale. Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio brought us Brexit and Donald Trump, exposing the ugliness behind many attitudes regarding refugees and people in need, and now Black Moon Lilith will expand on that legally, religiously and idealistically.

Black Moon Lilith will enter Sagittarius on the 15th of February, with her first lengthy aspect being a square to the Virgo/Pisces Nodes on the 27th February until the 30th of March. Nodal transits of any kind are confusing, as you feel torn between what is comfortable emotionally and what is unknown territory. There will be choices made during this month period, and you may decide to return to an old habit or dream, or you will opt for a new emotional mindset. You could also find that situations at this time call for you to forgo something self-based in favor of a more service-to-others approach.

Ceres, Goddess of the grain and source of prosperity, will oppose Black Moon Lilith from the 2nd of May until the 3rd of June. This will be a month to watch the spending and the desire to indulge. There could be some level of global trade issue to contend with, or decisions from those in power may impact on the finances. Information revealed at this time could force you into seeking out new opportunity, or adjusting the budget in some manner. This could also be a time where health and well-being is to be considered, and how you are choosing to nourish your physical, spiritual and intellectual self.

From the 28th of May until the 28th of September, Black moon Lilith will experience her longest aspect during her Sagittarius sojourn, which is a sextile to Jupiter in Libra. As Jupiter is in fact ruling Black Moon Lilith, this can enhance the possibility of this energy combination. Whilst a sextile is considered a benefic aspect, or an easement, there can always be too much of a good thing. As Black Moon Lilith can easily be considered a malefic in astrology, challenging situations can intensify here. Where there is an imbalance of emotional justice, this can escalate, and legal or religious issues can become ugly. It would be wise to be careful of what is shared on publication platforms at this time, and to keep your faith ideals to yourself, especially in hostile environments. This has the potential of being a very volatile and loudly opinionated time, and it will be very difficult to have your opinion heard, especially if you are the odd voice out. This period of the transit is best handled by adhering strictly to the rules. It will be a question of timing and of allowing this energy to work with you, rather than resisting the energy flow due to feelings of righteousness. Positively expressed, and this period of her transit will enable you to right certain wrongs and enrich your faith. This will also be a very positive time for deeper research and higher learning, and exploring surface interests on a more thorough level. Legal issues can be complex at this time, so patience will be needed if you are dealing with others in the system.

Neptune will cloud the present and dampen the mood from the 4th of June until the 9th of July, with a square to Black Moon Lilith that can leave you feeling a little overwhelmed. Where the present goal is not meeting the subconscious desire, there can be feelings of restlessness and uncertainty. Here, in particular, it can be easy to give in to negative thoughts and to allow anger, disappointment and resentment to dictate your next move. It will be important to focus on the positives and to be just a little self critical if you find yourself wallowing over what isn’t, rather than appreciating what is. This will be a positive time to realign yourself to what really matters if you have wandered off course, and to reconnect with ideals and goals that enrich you.

In August, Black Moon Lilith meets Saturn in a conjunction for close to a month, which can slow down problem solving, create a challenging research environment, and make dealing with those in distance lands a chore. Career wise, this can also be a challenging transit, and clashes with those in authority can also be a concern. There will be a need to follow the process here, and to slow down by taking more care of the present and future direction. Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius will ignite feelings of indignation, and this transit can cause that indignation to lose direction. There can be too heavy a focus on being right and not enough focus on resolving issues. Enemies can be easily made here, and confrontations can occur at the workplace or within the social/associates circle. Saturn naturally reduces ones confidence, and this transit can find your confidence wane due to the feedback of others. Whilst it will be important to take note of constructive feedback if it comes to you, it will be even more important to separate the self-righteous need of others to be right within your individual situation. There can be a lot of blame laying with this conjunction, and a lot of accusation. Follow the path to the truth, obey the laws of the moment, and choose your battles wisely.

Ceres in Cancer will form a quincunx with Black Moon Lilith from the 29th of August until the 11th of September, which can bring challenges in the domestic environment, cause upset in your security levels, and create uncertainty surrounding your usual approach and ideals. Cancer rules home, family and tradition and a quincunx is an aspect of discomfort. Opinions may clash, expectations may not be met and you may question the present tradition, without any clear idea or path to resolution.

At the end of August, through to the end of September, Black Moon Lilith will form a trine to the Leo ruled North Node. This will be a positive and confident time, and one where you will be able to rise above any draining issues within the social sphere. Tentative and merely polite friendships will be lucky to last during this transit, and it will be a fabulous time for connecting with those who share your vision. Whilst Black Moon Lilith will bring trouble your way, she will also encourage you to champion your own cause, so whilst drama may join you here, you will have the personal power to deal with it. This will also be a positive time for creative pursuits, as it will be healing to work with your hands and mind in some form of artistic expression.

From the 21st of September until the 17th of October, a square between Black Moon Lilith and Chiron will bring both lessons and healing. As she is nearing the end of her journey in Sagittarius, perhaps this is the time to contemplate where drama, tension and conflict has transpired since February. This is a good time to consider the knowledge gained, the lessons learned, and to accept where you may have overreacted or failed to accept responsibility for your role in a negative situation.  This transit will highlight where personal work is needed and where you may need to give more to others, rather than simply focus on your own need.

Uranus in aspect to Black Moon Lilith from the 29th of September until the 26th of October will both enlighten and confuse with possibility. Whilst this trine will bring revelation and understanding, it can lack direction, causing more frustration and restlessness than proactive problem solving. When Uranus is involved, it is often easiest to follow your inspired ways of thought, even if you ultimately change your mind. Much of what transpires at this time may need time to make sense, so be patient and don’t fret too heavily.

Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius will be a loud and energetic transit, that will find you pushing forwards where you have been suppressed. You will find that you are quick to defend your beliefs and that you will be determined to rectify past emotional wrongs. This will be a positive transit when handled in an emotionally controlled and directed manner, as you will be able to bring fairness back to imbalanced situations. This will not be a positive transit when self-righteousness clouds logical reason and the need to be right outweighs basic common sense. It will be important to remain grounded and honest, and to be truthful with yourself at all costs. There will be a lies and twisted perceptions to contend with during this transit, and it will be important to remain objective and to research claims, especially if they seem extraordinary.


  • Enters Sagittarius 15th February
  • Sun square BML – 17th February – 22nd February
  • Mercury square BML – 26th February – 1st March
  • Nodes square BML – 27th February – 30th March
  • Mars quincunx BML – 12th March – 18th March
  • Mercury trine BML – 15th March – 17th March
  • Sun trine BML – 23rd March – 28th March
  • Venus trine BML – 24th March – 30th March
  • Mercury quincunx BML – 6th April – 12th April
  • Sun quincunx BML – 27th April – 1st May
  • Mars oppose BML – 1st May – 8th May
  • Venus trine BML – 12th May – 18th May
  • Ceres oppose BML – 2nd May – 3rd June
  • Mercury quincunx BML – 25th May – 28th May
  • Jupiter sextile BML – 28th May – 28th September
  • Sun oppose BML – 1st June – 5th June
  • Neptune square BML – 4th June – 9th July
  • Mercury oppose BML – 13th June – 15th June
  • Venus quincunx BML – 19th June – 22 June
  • Mars quincunx BML – 24th June – 1st July
  • Mercury quincunx BML – 28th June – 30th July
  • Sun quincunx BML – 6th July – 11th July
  • Mercury trine BML – 15th July – 18th July
  • Venus oppose BML – 19th July – 32rd July
  • Saturn conjunct BML – 7th August – 12th September
  • Sun trine BML – 11th August – 16th August
  • Venus quincunx BML – 17th August – 20th August
  • Mars trine BML – 19th August – 27th August
  • Ceres quincunx BML – 29th August until 29th September
  • North Node trine BML – 31st August – 29th September
  • Venus trine BML – 14th September – 17th September
  • Sun square BML – 15th September – 20th September
  • Chiron square BML – 21st September – 17th October
  • Mercury square BML – 27th September – 29th September
  • Uranus trine BML – 29th September – 26th October
  • Venus square BML – 11th October – 14th October
  • Mercury sextile BML – 15th October – 18th October
  • Mars square BML – 16th October – 23rd October
  • Sun sextile BML – 19th October – 24th October
  • Venus sextile BML – 6th November – 10th November
  • Enters Capricorn 10th November


Image – copyright the original artist, who is unknown to me. Please contact me if you know their details
© Karen Piscitelli


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