Pisces Eclipse 2017 – Chasing The Chalice

On the 26th/27th of February, there will be a Solar Eclipse at 8 degrees Pisces, which will be action packed on both an internal and external level as the Pisces and Neptune energy flow stirs up the subconscious, and the Aries intensity fires up the passions. There is very little Air and Fixed influence this eclipse cycle, meaning that it will be the strength of the heart and the depths of the soul that will be at play over the next six months. Where the previous Aquarius Lunar eclipse brought to your attention just where life may have been lacking in intellectual inspiration and life-long aspiration, this eclipse will push for more in regards to you achieving your aims and fulfilling your potential.

Pisces rules the 12th House of past lives and hidden matters, and is traditionally the home of institutions. Transits to the 12th House, or involving Pisces/Neptune energy can be frustrating due to their cloudy and uncertain nature. With Pisces symbolism, you experience themes involving the imagination, intuition, and untapped potential, and whilst these are all positives, as they often push you outside of your comfort zone, these transits or events are challenging because their full intention is unseen and slow to evolve. With the Pisces New Moon Eclipse forming a waxing conjunction to Neptune, clarity can face lengthy delays, with both your mood and your patience being tested. You can expect to experience the highs and lows of Neptune impacting on your overall state of mind, and it will be easy to become carried away by life’s negatives, or to lose yourself within an unrealistic dream.

Also playing a major influence on the potential of this eclipse is the Cardinal opposition of retrograde Jupiter in Libra to the Mars, Uranus and Eris conjunct in Aries. With Uranus and Eris in conjunction, there is clarity regarding where personal goals may have gone off track, and where there is a disconnect in your role within the collective, and with Mars in conjunction, there is the drive to make this right. Whilst Eris can bring with her a desire for revenge, she also brings with her the opportunity to resolve unjust situations. Whilst this energy combination can cause chaos when ungrounded, there is the potential to break old habits and to free yourself from negative goals in order for you to redefine yourself.

What does need to be discussed regarding this Pisces New Moon eclipse cycle, is the focus on faith and fairness. Asteroid 2597 Arthur is in conjunction with the New Moon, and as a modern day symbol of Christianity and wholesomeness,  Christian ideals and expectations will be a continued growing force over the next six months on a global scale. With the input of Jupiter, Mars, Uranus and Eris, there will also be continued questioning of the legal system and the impacts on chosen systems of faith, with far more protests and upheaval to be expected as the two themes collide. On a personal level, you will find you are on a journey of faith and of protecting your own set of ideals. You will be driven, on an external and subliminal level, to fulfill your part in righting deemed wrongs, and to adjust your lifestyle to one that is authentic to your beliefs.

Whilst eclipses are highly unpredictable, overall this Pisces New Moon eclipse will create a restless determination to bring about big change, even if that change is slow in its evolution. You can find that that where there is will, that you will be determined to find a way, and that despite the moments of clouded uncertainty which will undoubtedly shadow you at times, that you will make steady progress with your goals. This is an excellent time to detox yourself from bad habits and relationships, and for setting a more positive and less fearful course of action.


Artwork – John William Waterhouse
© Karen Piscitelli


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