Black Moon Lilith In Scorpio 2016

Black Moon Lilith slipped into Scorpio on the 22nd May, 2016, and will remain in Scorpio until February 14th, 2017. Moving through the sign of deep, raw passion, and dealing with matters involving sex, death and taxes, Black Moon Lilith will challenge you through the process of fear, emotional transformation, and rebirth. Scorpio is a sign of revelation, and is a time where personal reality is exposed. It is always a choice whether this reality is embraced, or if denial will continue, but the truth exposed will be a clear view of your present intimate commitments and how you are being influenced by others. With Saturn in Sagittarius, there is a lot of hot winded opinion and self-righteousness about, and a lot of manipulation within all forms of publications. Whilst the truth can be hard to find through all of the fanaticism, conspiracy theories, and greed fuelled media self-interest, Black Moon Lilith will push you to see the truth within your present situation. It will be through the events that transpire, or the messages that are received during this transit, that you will gain a new understanding, a stronger sense of self, and hopefully, find ways to seek out positive independence. 

Black Moon Lilith is not a gentle influence, and her lessons more often than not come from harsh and draining experiences. During her transits you often experience ill-treatment or abuse, or find yourself wrongly accused. It will be extremely important this year that you are on top of all financial matters. This is not a year to be flippant about taxation, or about any form of welfare payment that you may be entitled to. If there is a passing within the family, or where there may be any form of inheritance, you may find yourself exposed to accusation or false dealings from those whom you felt you could trust. You may find yourself exposed to the uglier side of those you have known for years, or may even discover a nasty side of yourself that you didn’t know existed.

In the realm of romance and sexuality, laws involving same sex marriage will continue to be challenged and championed, as opinion continues its divide. With Saturn remaining in square to Neptune for a large portion of this transit, the darker side of sexual opinion and self-righteousness regarding an individuals sexuality will continue. However, with the fall-out of the Uranus and Pluto square still manifesting itself, people in general are recognising their own power, with both politicians and religious leaders alike being forced to take notice. This Black Moon Lilith transit will expose more ugliness, but this is a work in progress, that will continue to grow in strength and fairness. Casual sex may also be a challenging enterprise, and extra caution would be advisable when meeting new lovers. Cheating partners can also be exposed with this transit, and where there is temptation, these matters will only become more complicated. Adhering to your primal instincts is a must with Black Moon Lilith, and it is important that you are not dismissive of your instincts regards possessiveness, or overall creepiness.

Domestic violence has been figuring strongly within the media, and this may also continue during this transit. These matters have been a growing concern for a very long time, but they have reached a point where they are being freely discussed and dealt with as best as the present legal system will allow. There will be charlatans during this time however, and it will be challenging to discern the truth in certain domestic violence situations. There could also be an increase of deaths due to domestic violence, with legal inequalities being exposed, and there will no doubt be more disappointing exposees involving paedophilia.

From the 13th of August until the 10th of September, Black Moon Lilith will be in trine to Neptune. As she will also be in easement to the Nodes from the 27th of August until the 1st of October, this will be a confusing time, and there can be indecision one moment, and strong conviction the next. You can find your energy levels are challenged and that your health ‘may’ also struggle.  This is a few weeks where your judgement can be off, and where you can easily become obsessive. Lethargy can also be an issue, and it can be easy to overlook important dates or payments as your mind can be on other matters. With thoughts of the future and memories of the past clouding your clarity, allow ample time for decision making where possible, so that you can ensure that you have all of the facts that you need, and that you are comfortable within your options.

Pluto also joins Black Moon Lilith in an easement from the 27th of September until the 22nd of October, which will give you further insight into your present life’s inequalities, and gift you with the energy in which to bring about positive change where needed. Whilst the first few days of this transit may be a wash of frustrated confusion, resist the temptation to react, and wait for clarity to dawn after the 1st of October.

Healing calm walks with Black Moon Lilith, as Chiron joins her in a trine from 8th November until the 11th of December. This enlightening combination will find you both teacher and student, as you will help another through an unjust situation, or learn more details of an untoward event in your own life. Chiron and Black Moon Lilith will help you to mend internal bridges and to connect with the lessons gained over the last few months. This transit will give you more appreciation for the goodness in your life, and for the knowledge and wisdom that you have already gained.

From the 10th of November until the 7th of December, Black Moon Lilith will be in sextile to Uranus. Now this can be a challenging transit as whilst it is insightful, it is also impulsive and may encourage you to react without all of the facts. You could find that a relationship unravels in an unusual way, or that an attack from another takes you completely by surprise. This transit will be unique and have unexpected elements, so an open mind and flexible approach at this time will be essential.

Ceres will also connect with Black Moon Lilith in a quincunx from the 21st of November until the 11th of December, and is a time where relationships within the feminine can be strained. You could find that deeper concerns about the maternal reappear, or mothers find that issues involving their children are in the spotlight. There could also be power struggles within relationships, or you could find that a new relationship impacts on your connection with a friend or family member.

Whilst Black Moon Lilith is a powerful energy influence, her connection to Neptune during her journey throughout Scorpio, and Neptune’s square with Saturn, will interfere with much of her proactive potential. Neptune’s influence will disguise many of her messages, and a lot of her common sense can be lost. There will be times where remaining within the illusion will be the simpler solution and times where the manipulation of others will win out. However, events that happen and connections that are made and lost, will help you to push through some of the personal false walls that you may have built, and help you to regain your inner strength and sense of self. When those harsh moments hit and the nastiness knocks on your door, remind yourself of who you are and stand tall in your own strength as best as you can.


  • Enters Scorpio 22nd May
  • Venus quincunx BML – 22nd May – 26th May
  • Mercury Quincunx BML – 14th June – 16th June
  • Venus trine BML – 19th June – 23rd June
  • Sun trine BML – 23rd June – 28th June
  • Mercury trine BML – 1st July – 3rd July
  • Venus square Black Moon Lilith – 16th July – 20th July
  • Mercury square Black Moon Lilith – 17th July – 19th July
  • Sun square Black Moon Lilith – 29th July – 2nd August
  • Mercury sextile Black Moon Lilith – 4th August – 8th August
  • Venus sextile Black Moon Lilith – 12th August – 15th August
  • Neptune trine Black Moon Lilith – 13th August – 10th September
  • Nodes sextile/trine Black Moon Lilith – 27th August – 1st October
  • Sun sextile Black Moon Lilith – 2nd September – 7th September
  • Pluto sextile Black Moon Lilith – 15th September – 22nd Octover
  • Mercury sextile Black Moon Lilith – 20th September – 27th September
  • Venus conjunct Black Moon Lilith – 5th October – 9th October
  • Mars sextile Black Moon Lilith – 20th October – 26th October
  • Mercury conjunct Black Moon Lilith – 4th November – 7th November
  • Chiron trine Black Moon Lilith – 8th November – 11th December
  • Sun conjunct Black Moon Lilith – 10th November – 14th November
  • Uranus sextile Black Moon Lilith – 12th November – 7th December
  • Ceres quincunx Black Moon Lilith – 21st November – 11th December
  • Venus sextile Black Moon Lilith – 29th November – 3rd December
  • Mars square Black Moon Lilith – 7th December – 13th December
  • Venus square Black Moon Lilith – 28th December – 1st January
  • Ceres quincunx Black Moon Lilith – 11th January – 8th February
  • Sun sextile Black Moon Lilith – 15th January – 19th January
  • Mars trine Black Moon Lilith – 23rd January – 29th January
  • Venus trine Black Moon Lilith – 31st January – 5th February
  • Mercury sextile Black Moon Lilith – 6th February – 9th February
  • Enters Sagittarius – 14th February


Image – Daniel Jung



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