Saturn Square Neptune 2016

When two opposing forces meet in a tension filled aspect, it is natural to feel some form of trepidation. Both Saturn and Neptune are slow moving planets, and both are quite determined with their intentions. Saturn is an influence of contraction and responsibility, whilst Neptune is a limitless and freedom seeking counterpart. Forming a square, this aspect will create tension and frustration in its efforts to force some level of action to take place.

Saturn is in Sagittarius, a sign that is known for it’s positivity, righteousness and quest for knowledge. With Saturn naturally ruling the sign of Capricorn, you have a steady and responsible potential stifling the loud and expressive archer. With the 10th House goal impacting on the seeking need of the 9th House, the energy involving higher righteousness, religious ideal and the world view, is dampened and clouded by authoritative voices playing on the fear energy of the world at large.

Neptune is presently in his natural home of Pisces, and brings the domain of the 12th House – hidden elements, solitude, isolation, institutions and inner wellness into the equation. Neptune highlights areas of loss, causes confusion, encourages illusions, embraces delusions and incites feelings of lost hope. Uniting in an aspect of tension, Saturn square Neptune will endeavour to bring structure to ideals, and enforce responsibility. Saturn will encourage you to condense your focus, so that you are only concerned with the larger matters that are concerning you. Neptune will in-turn help you to free yourself of ideals and belief patterns that have been having a negative impact on you. Together, Saturn and Neptune will endeavour to guide you to a more productive and satisfying way of uniting your higher ideals and knowledge within your present public life. This is a particularly auspicious transit for those who are spiritually or artistically inclined, as you will shed the skin of false belief in lesser talents or ideals, and only embrace where your true gifts lie. Especially from late June until September, when frustration from failed attempts at trying to perform the same old tasks, or devoting yourself to the same old ideals, without achieving results, will compel you to take action by seeking out alternatives. Together, Saturn and Neptune will help you to trust in your intuition and your common sense, and reward you with renewed passion and more creative satisfaction. But be careful. This transit is not without it’s let downs and every time you experience a moment of loss, be wary of where you connect with optimism and regained hope.

What is very important this transit, is to remain strong in your beliefs, whilst keeping your mind open to the beliefs of others. It can be very easy to allow fear and anxiety, which is a natural shadow for both Saturn and Neptune to dictate your thoughts and actions. This aspect can achieve great things and find solutions to important matters, when it is approached with the desire for freedom and resolution. It is important to know your own fears and to take responsibility for your own thoughts, so that you are not vulnerable prey for the media, government and corporate propaganda, and even the new age ‘guru’ money machine, that is attempting to manipulate your fears to their own benefit.


Saturn square Neptune dates

2 November – 26 December, 2016

  • 12 May – 13 october

Aspect Influences

Jupiter – Saturn – Neptune t-square

  • 4 March – 14/16 June

Saturn sesquiquadrate Uranus

  • 26 June – 10 September

Uranus semisextile Neptune

  • 11 July – 5 September


Artwork – copyright the original artist, who is unknown to me. Please contact me with details if you know them
© Karen Piscitelli


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