Asteroid 1388 Aphrodite


Asteroid 1388 Aphrodite was discovered on September 24th, 1935 by Eugene Joseph Delporte. I am assuming she is a main belt asteroid, but her article is a mere stub on wiki. She appears to spend roughly two-three months in each sign, which could place her as a Mars crosser, but I am uncertain, so we’ll stick with the main belt and state that she takes around three to four years to orbit the Sun.


In Ancient Greek mythology, Aphrodite is the Goddess of love, beauty and sexuality. Born from the blood that dripped from the severed testicles of Uranus, she was the most beautiful Goddess of them all. So beautiful, Zeus arranged for her marriage to Hephaestus to smother any jealousy amongst potential love rivals. This does not thwart her desires for true love, passion, and sexual companionship – finding her embroiled within tumultuous love affairs with both Ares and Adonis being the most well known. Religions around the globe worship the legend that is Aphrodite – Venus in Rome, Innana in Sumeria, Astarte in Phoenicia – to name but a few. Also known as the Triple Goddess, in many translations however, Aphrodite relates more strongly to that of the maiden within the trilogy. The first of many nymphs, Aphrodite rose from the foam of the sea and embraced all of the natural Earth, feeling at one with her body, her sensuality and embracing the gifts of her womanhood.

However. Aphrodite was not without faults, often depicted as vain, bad tempered and easily offended, she was a volatile force to be reckoned with. The most popular of stories relating to the more negative side of Aphrodite’s nature, involves that of her son Eros and his lover affair with Psyche.  It was her disapproval of their love and the subsequent tasks that were set for Psyche, to force her hand of devotion to Eros – that paint Aphrodite more as the wicked witch of the west. In the end though, she did assist Psyche to become an immortal and danced at their wedding, even enjoying the gift of becoming a grandparent. Ultimately, even at one of her darker times, she succumbed to the more gentle tone of her Goddess attributes.


To locate asteroid 1388 Aphrodite, head over to or

In your natal chart, Aphrodite is everything you presently know regards Venus, an added zap to your chart’s feminine energy. If you would like to learn a bit more about Venus in astrology, cafeastrology is a great beginning.  Regards her influence and aspects, you will uncover additional detail regards your attitudes towards sex, children, beauty and love. It is also another place where you will expose more interesting data relating to vanity, jealousy, deception and even gossip.

Possible Keywords:- love, beauty, romance, fidelity, infidelity, children, maternity, vanity, sexuality, sexual appetite, sexual difficulties, promiscuity,  frigidity, passion, devotion, preoccupation with physical appearances, reliance on looks, superficial


Artwork – Robert Fowler
© Karen Piscitelli


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