Asteroid 128 Nemesis


Asteroid 128 Nemesis, is a very dark, carbonacious asteroid positioned in the main belt.  Nemesis was discovered on November 25th, 1872 by James Craig Watson and takes just over four and a half years to orbit the Sun, spending roughly four months in each sign, orbit and retrograde dependent.


In Greek mythology, Nemesis is the divine Goddess of retribution. Known as a remorseless Goddess, it was her role to dish out what was due. Nemesis was worshiped before the God Zeus and was the daughter of Oceanus, the river and sea God.  In reality, Nemesis was not a Goddess of doom. It was, and always has been the human disappointment in receiving ‘what was due’ that twisted her story into being one of negativity. Nemesis was known to punish excessive pride, evil deeds, undeserved happiness and gain, and lack in moderation. She was resentment personified and took action against crimes and those who received boons in the form of undeserved luck. It was Nemesis that would deem a time far too happy, and as it was her role to balance the highs and lows, she would be the one to rip the rug out from underneath the boastful and excessively satisfied. It is also stated that the individual who failed to give proper credit or failed to help others was swiftly brought to a downfall.


To locate asteroid Nemesis in your natal chart, head over to or and input the number 128. Keep your aspects major – conjunction, square, opposition, sextile, trine and quincunx and your orbs tight, within 1-2 degree.

This is a tough one as it not only deals with the shadow self, but also real individuals that are a continual attraction. In your natal chart, Nemesis indicates energy influences that tear you down and apart. When young, one can call Nemesis the negative self-fulfilling prophecy. Aspects here reveal pattern behaviour with harsh results. There are battles with the ego brought about by external individuals/influences and a lack of balance. Obviously, as the soul matures, the battles with Nemesis ‘should’ be clearer to the individual and more conscious modes of dealing with the situations can be adopted. However, without realisation and acceptance of the ongoing Nemesis input, you find an individual that is literally a mouse in a wheel – attracting negativity and bringing about their own downfall due to their denial.

However, as with everything, it is not all doom and gloom. Where there is work done, there is reward. Nemesis is neutral don’t forget and is mostly about balance and accepting responsibility. Whilst projecting and parental issues are valid psychological reasoning for behaviour patterns, they also easily become an excuse. In the natal chart, Nemesis calls for responsibility and acceptance of the shadow self. Note your weaknesses and embrace them. Accept that you are flawed and take note of how many times you have experienced a downfall due to these flaws. Take on and embrace ‘your’ role in the negative events and move on from resentment. Wherever Nemesis is posited and whatever is the rulership is a key to personal resentment. When you look towards others, what do you envy? When difficult situations happen, not events or tragedies totally out of your control, but when life events happen, how do you dish out the blame?

Another element of Nemesis that is mentioned within her mythology is the element of praise. Do you give credit where credit is due? Do you over-value your input in relationships and situations? Do you expect credit and praise but are lax in returning in kind? Nemesis was big on the Gods and Goddesses receiving just thanks and credit. How many people do you know that gladly put up their hand to receive all of the praise for hard efforts when there was more than one individual involved?

One element that is hidden here, that is equally as important, and that is the role of the martyr. There is no one more hard suffering than the individual who takes on all of the blame. They are so wrapped up in their shadow self, that they forget that there are other parties involved and fail to also, hand over the responsibility where it is justified.

In transit, aspects to natal Nemesis indicate a time when you will come into contact with your “Nemesis’ type individuals, or behaviour patterns.

How to deal with natal Nemesis is acceptance, tolerance and finding balance with laying blame and taking responsibility. It is also paramount to balance the role of ego within actual achievements.

Keywords:- shadow self, blame laying, avoiding responsibility, absorbing all of the blame, taking on all of the responsibility, martyr, boastful behaviour, overly egotistical, hubris, ungrateful, critical of others and not self, pessimistic to a fault, lack of accepting own flaws


Artwork – copyright the original artist, who is unknown
© Karen Piscitelli


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