Asteroid 1221 Amor & Asteroid 433 Eros


Asteroid 1221 Amor, sits in the group of Amor asteroids, or near Earth asteroids. This belt sits between Earth and Mars, with Amor being the first object seen in the sky with the reality dawning moment – ‘one day, one of these buggers might just hit us!’. Discovered on March 12th,  1932 (a Pisces) by Eugene Joseph Delporte,  Amor takes just over two years to orbit the Sun, spending around two months in each sign.

Asteroid 433 Eros, is a Mars crossing asteroid, like Amor and was the first near-Earth asteroid to be discovered.  Eros was discovered on August 13th, 1898 (a Leo) by Carl Gustav Witt.  Eros takes just over a year to orbit the Sun, spending around one month in each sign.


Amor, or Cupid, the son of Venus and Mercury, is the God of erotic love and beauty.  His Greek equivalent is that of Eros. It is stated, that his mother Venus was jealous of Psyche and sent her son, Cupid, to shoot his arrow of love and create a union between Psyche with the most hideous of critters. On sight though, Cupid fell madly in love and could not fulfill his task. Thus a great love affair began where Amor visited every night there after, with only one request, that she never ask to see him. But at the goading of her sisters who insisted that he was grotesque, she looked, he was angered and he took off.  Psyche then traveled the world in search of him, enduring many tribulations along the way but with much assistance from the Gods, she surmounted them. A true testimonial to her love. Eventually, Jupiter decided to make her immortal, and she became the Goddess of the Soul. Thus Amor and Psyche were able to frolic about together for eternity!


To locate Amor 1221 and Eros 433 in your natal chart, head over to and input the number 1221 and 433 into the additional objects field. Keep your aspects major – conjunction, square, opposition and your orbs tight, within 1 degree.

In your natal chart, Amor symbolizes the connection you share with your version of true love and romance. You can glean a great deal of information about your attitude and expectation levels regarding romance by sign and rulership alone.  Consider the aspects to Amor’s ruler and how they are affected romantically by transit over time. You will see a pattern here and begin to acknowledge what to work with in the long term.  You will also find with aspects to Amor the topics of sacrifice, abandonment and dedication would be extremely strong. What hoops do you leap through to achieve a romantic connection? Do you often break the rules specified by your partner? Are you perpetually in the whirl of apology? Do you find that you have points to prove within your romantic connections?

Whilst the undying passion shared in this myth is undeniable, most of it relates back to beauty. Psyche was beautiful, Amor fell in love. Psyche broke the rule of looking at Amor as she was concerned that he was unattractive. Here, you can isolate a predisposition for an individual to be attracted to certain types on a looks basis alone. There is an agenda, a high list of expectation, that very few will meet. However, once there has been many trials, tribulations and difficulties – this intense cosmic union does have a happy ending. Overall, the individual would ‘need’ to have a fated feel about the connection to wade through the tough times with love. Conjunctions to Amor or Eros could indicate an individual that feels that all love connections are fated, or alternatively, be emotionally closed to the concept. Oppositions to Amor or Eros would find that they attract those who are flighty or immediately intense. It would be dependent on other aspects to planets such as Venus and Mars, and the luminaries, how this attitude evolves.


Artwork – Marc Camelbeke
© Karen Piscitelli


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