The Furies


Asteroid 465 Alekto was discovered January 13th, 1901 by Max Wolf. Taking roughly 2-3 years to orbit the Sun, Alekto spends around 2-3 months in each sign, retrograde and orbit dependent.

Asteroid 464 Megaira, was also discovered by Max Wolf in the same year, 1901, but on January 9th. She takes roughly 4 years to orbit the Sun, spending around 3-4 months in each sign, retrograde and orbit dependent.

Asteroid 466 Tisiphone, we covered earlier in the year.


In Ancient Greek mythology, the Furies, or Erinyes – were Goddesses of the Underworld, created from the blood of Ouranus (Uranus) when he was castrated by his son, Kronos (Saturn). It was their role to punish the ill deeds performed by mortals, by driving the criminal insane. They were particularly vengeful regarding harsh acts performed within the familial environment and crimes against the Gods. There were three Furies, just like there were three Fates, and each had their role and were servants of the Underworld rulers, Hades and Persephone.


To locate the asteroids Alekto, Megaira and Tisiphone, head over to and input the numbers 464, 465 and 466 into the additional objects field. Keep your aspects major – conjunction, square, opposition, and trine – and your orbs tight, within 1 degree.


There is very little information to be found about this Fury, accept that her name means ‘unceasing’. When you look into the definition of unceasing, you discover these gems:-

Unceasing – continuing forever or indefinitely; “the ageless themes of love and revenge”; “eternal truths”; “life everlasting”; “hell’s perpetual fires”; “the unending bliss of heaven”

In your natal chart, Alekto represents the perpetual voice, be it of reason – or insanity. It is heavy in charts of those deemed insane – examples:- Cult leader Marshall Applewhite had Alekto conjunct Uranus, Jim Jones shared the same conjunction, whilst cult leader – Luc Jouret experienced Alekto oppose Neptune. Twins Jennifer and June Gibbons had Alekto conjunct Pluto. Serial killer Ted Bundy had Alekto conjunct Ceres, and cannibal murderer, Ed Gein experienced Alekto conjunct Mercury. All marbles are not completely lost though. Rodney King, who was part of that ‘insane’ bashing – experiences Alekto conjunct Jupiter. DO NOT PANIC AND COMMIT YOURSELF if you have Alekto in aspect. There are numerous chart connections indicating nothing but perfect sanity, although the individuals in question certainly experience some wild events in their lifetime. You DO find with Alekto in aspect, and no signs of mental instability, a very strong, calm and deeply committed individual that has a rather simplistic approach to life, their chosen faiths and life direction overall!!! However, there is enough chart data to support the claim that when other factors are flowing that way, Alekto connections are a firm indicator of some level of mental instability and indicates dealing with the darker side of human nature.

Transits to Alekto would also be very telling in regards to what sort of life events you would be dealing with at the time. Even though Alekto is unaspected in my natal chart, one particularly unstable life incident finds her in very strong aspect. When I first separated back in 1998 and eventually started dating, I landed from the frying pan into the fire (as you do) and ended up in an even more abusive form of connection than what my marriage had been. There was nothing on the surface wrong with this guy but my gut just knew he was not the full quid. When I finally gave in to intuition and ended the connection, reality was revealed, along with the guys potential for physical abuse. This occurred when transiting Alekto was square my Scorpio MC. No, he didn’t hit me but he did pin me against a wall by the jaw! Over the following months, as Alekto was in a big retrograde phase in Leo, just like now – the physical danger was removed (thank goodness) but the ’stalking’ was not. I had changed my phone numbers, etc etc all of that – neighbours were on alert for drive-bys, police aware, I had changed my entire social agenda and become a recluse – which has not changed really. Anyway, the final contact with that particular individual occurred in 2001 when he was hidden persona’s trying to befriend me in the one place I would socially interact online back in those days. That first attempt at this hidden persona game was when Alekto was conjunct my Moon, and the final confrontation, when I had had enough, was when Alekto formed a conjunction with my Aquarius Rising (think I scared him in the end as I was just SO done with it all) and he finally disappeared. So from this, I can ascertain that Alekto can really fire up my Fixed angles, which is also part of my karmic life pattern as they include the Nodes. Reflect on past instances when you have connected with some wild and crazy individuals, see what Alekto was up to. Obviously, as with my details for this listed incident, you will have very active planetary transits at the same time, with Alekto highlighting the ‘mental instability’ potential.


According to myth, Megaira represents the grudge, pockets of experience where we feel envious. It’s difficult to pin down chart data because envy and jealousy is something we all experience. It would take a much deeper look into an individuals chart to understand the expression of Megaira via aspects and rulership, and whether the emotion of envy is used as inspiration – or bitter and vengeful desires for retribution.


We have covered Tisiphone quite intensively and appreciate that she carries with her the childhood anger. Aspects in the natal chart with Tisiphone often signal parental/familial abuse, both physical, emotional and sexual – the anger pit of what was missing in your childhood.


Artwork – William Adolph Bouguereau
© Karen Piscitelli


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