Eris is the ninth largest object orbiting the Sun, first discovered in January 2005 by astronomer Mike Brown. Due to her size, conjecture began. Should she become the tenth planet? Or should there be a reclassification of what defines a planet? The rest is history, with Pluto being demoted to Dwarf Planet status and Eris becoming the new shining star in the ‘skyworld’. Located in the Kuiper Belt just past Neptune, Eris takes around 557 years to orbit the Sun, which is a heck of a long time in one sign, and degree point!


In Ancient Greek Mythology, Eris was the Goddess of Strife. Her most infamous role was her initiation of the Trojan War. Known as a troublemaker, she was not invited to the wedding of Peleus and Thetis, the eventual parents of Archiles, so she set about a brilliant plan of retribution.

Carving into a golden apple:- ‘To the most beautiful’, she tossed it into the wedding proceedings, and snickered gleefully in the background as the Goddesses – Hera, Athena and Aphrodite flocked to the apple and argued about who was suitable for the etched prize. It was then left to Paris to decide whilst the Goddesses dug in deep with their efforts to persuade him.

Hera attempted to bribe him with political power, Athena battle skills and Aphrodite promised him Helen, the most captivating woman of all the lands. It said that his choice of beauty over power was the deciding factor in bringing about the ultimate downfall of his beloved, and once very powerful country.

In Hesoid’s Work and Days, Eris has a dual nature, one that revolves around the atrocities of man, and the other which makes man worker harder as a means to self improvement and financial success.


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In your natal chart, Eris is hard work dedication and Eris is trouble on legs. She is the penultimate tactician, the part in your chart that will imagine the evil of all possibility as a means to reek revenge on another who has done you wrong. This is not an anger reaction or rapid response, this is a carefully planned and precision filled exercise.

Eris indicates premeditation and careful thought, planning with a determined goal in mind. This is obviously a signature to look for in regards to war and geo-conflict, events and tragedies that cause extreme hardship on mankind and intense instances of corruption. But Eris also highlights dedicated ambition and amazing success.

Some example of Eris in motion: serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer has Mars conjunct Eris in 7th House Aries, Jim Jones has Eris oppose Ceres exact and angular, 4th-10th House/Aries – Libra. For positive examples of Eris in action, one only needs to glance at the corporate world. Bill Gates has Eris conjunct Moon 10th House, also opposing Mars in Libra, whilst Richard Branson has 9th House Eris square 12th house Uranus in Cancer, and trine 5th House Ceres in Sagittarius.

Eris is power, a veritable pit of potential, forcing you to tap into her well. Here, you are an island, it is the place in your chart where you stand alone as an individual and measure yourself, your worth and your role, against others. It is your interpretation of the comparison, as to how your natal Eris will ultimately express itself. This isolation aspect of Eris, the element of separation where there is judgment of the negative kind by peers, is a pivotal element in understanding how she works in your natal chart. Honesty is needed here, as is compassion and acceptance of her positioning. It is a dark side of the psyche, a pure and powerful potential to lash out at others when you feel pushed out, condemned and ostracized.

Jealousy and envy are key elements of the Eris motivational influence. These emotive responses are fuel to her flame. This is your ambition response, how you choose to leap beyond what you admire and grab that slice of success pie and make it your own. House positioning is detrimental with understanding the intricacies of Eris and it is one instance where an exact birth time is paramount in unlocking essential detail regarding her expression. She moves so slowly and her potential will remain in the veritable dark without this information.

With Eris, there will always be discord on some level. Even when working with her energy in a positive ambition expression, utilizing her individuation from the collective and displeasure with others success as inspiration for solid goals – you will still experience levels of conflict. The growing experience is all in how you learn to deal with it, how you grow into the governing of the tactic, rather than allow the natural response factor to govern you.

It is a part in your chart where you will always feel that you just don’t live up to the pretense and expectation of the collective at large. Eris is an inborn restlessness and disappointment. Here you feel left out, separated from the pack and hold a longing to be midst the bubble of others social happiness, but feel that you never quite make it. However, you can and must learn to live with it and learn how best to manage it, and channel the energy productively.

In transit, connections to Eris indicate a time of evaluation and future planning. As per Philip Sedgwick’s keyword analysis, it is a fine time to remove yourself from negative goals and addictions, and redefine your agenda. Here, your role in the collective is highlighted and you will be able to ascertain areas in life where your intentions have gone offtrack. Jealousy and revenge are also key elements that are raised at this time, either felt within, or directed towards you by another.


Artwork – Sylvie-Malfray
© Karen Piscitelli


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