Asteroid 88 Thisbe & Asteroid 14871 Pyramus


Asteroid 88 Thisbe is a main belt asteroid discovered on June 15, 1866 by C.H. Peters. Taking just over four and a half years to orbit the Sun, Thisbe spends roughly four to five months in each sign, orbit and retrograde dependent.

Asteroid 14871 Pyramus is a main belt asteroid discovered on October 13th, 1990 and has a close, orbital tie with Jupiter. Taking just over eight years to orbit the Sun, asteroid Pyramus spends around two or so years in each sign, orbit and retrograde dependent.


Pyramus and Thisbe, House of Loreius Tiburtinus, Pompeii

In Ancient Rome, there was a beautiful maiden named Thisbe, who lived next door to the most handsome man in the village, Pyramus.

Devoted and in love, the young couple should have had the world at their feet and their entire lives to share and enjoy their mutual adoration, but their parents forbid them to marry.

Each day and night, Thisbe and Pyramus would communicate their love for each other, and share their dreams, through cracks in the walls of their adjoining homes.

One day, they decide to flee the village, run away and be together forever. Thisbe was the first to leave, and on her way to the mulberry tree, the agreed meeting place, Thisbe stumbles upon a lioness and flees to safety, her veil dropping the ground as she escapes. The lion tears at the fallen veil, smearing it with blood from her last kill.

When Pyramus arrives, he is dismayed to find that his love, Thisbe is nowhere to be seen – until he spies the torn and bloodied veil. Screaming at the heavens in despair, Pyramus takes his sword in his hands and ends his life. Thisbe returns from her safe hideaway but is too late, her love is dead. Taking his sword into her own hands, she also meets his fate and hopefully, in the afterlife, these two finally found their united peace.


To locate asteroids Thisbe and Pyramus in your natal chart, head over to or and input the numbers 88 and 14871. Keep your aspects major:- conjunction, square, opposition, trine and quincunx – and your orbs tight, within 1-2 degrees.

In your natal chart, Thisbe and Pyramus are influences that would be more telling when activated by transit. When activated, Thisbe or Pyramus indicate a time when love, attention or attraction just won’t be enough. This can relate to work or other projects as well as romance, anything that involves pure passion on your part. You will face hurdles from family members, or authority figures, anyone who has an active say in how your desire is to unfold and hit blockages whichever way you turn.

The outcome of this connection is death. In the natal chart, one can surmise that the journey which begins under the influence of Thisbe or Pyramus, whilst tough on the emotions, will ultimately bring closure to old habits or thought processes that are hindering you, and where you are unaware that they are doing so.

For example, a client study of mine.

Recently divorced, my client met her so-called ‘perfect match’. Mr Perfect was everything she had dreamed of, and according to him, the feelings were mutual. He was an artist, handsome and energetic. She was a teacher, attractive and dynamic. On paper, they had it made. He promised they would be together and they started planning their new life. They lived some distance apart but they decided that a half way point would be perfect. Then the hurdles started. She was able to change job placements, he was not. His family was supportive, hers was not. The troubles intensified with abuse and legal concerns escalating, it was intense and then suddenly, he literally disappeared.

My client received a short note from Mr Wonderful that what they shared was done, he had no feelings for her any more and they could not even be friends. She was gutted, devastated, waited for him, tried to contact him repeatedly but true to his word, he just let go. To her, it was a death, despite the fact that he still walked the earth.

It took my client many, many months to regain her strength after this relationship, but despite her Thisbe/Jupiter aspect, which was activated by the Sun at the time she met her Mr Life-Changer – she actually went on to meet the love of her life after this relationship and is happily married. This entire situation was all to bring ‘death’ to her long-standing pattern within relationships.

Possible Keywords: Overwhelming attraction, resistance from others regards a desire, an ending that changes your life, a meeting that has a purpose, a time when you won’t get what you want, a reflection situation.


Artwork – John William Waterhouse
© Karen Piscitelli


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