Asteroid 655 Briseis & Asteroid 202 Chryseis


Asteroid 655 Briseis, is a main belt asteroid discovered on November 4th, 1977 by Joel Hastings Metcalf.

Taking just over five years to orbit the Sun, Briseis spends roughly four to five months in a sign, orbit and retrograde dependent.

Asteroid 202 Chryseis, is a main belt asteroid discovered on September 11th, 1879 by C.H.F. Peters.

Taking near five and a half years to orbit the Sun, Chryseis spend five to six months in a sign, orbit and retrograde dependent.


For having lost Chryseis Agamemnon compensated himself by taking Briseis from Achilles

Deeply entwined within the Greek Mythology of the Trojan war, Briseis and Chryseis, are two women used as pawns and offerings between King Agamemnon and Achilles.

Chryseis is a Trojan Princess who is enslaved by Agamemnon, who boasts widely about the beauty of his prize.

Her father, a priest of Apollo, is denied the opportunity to provide ransom for the return of his daughter.

A plague from Apollo sweeps through the Greek army in response to this outrage until Agamemnon sends Heracles to return Chryseis to her father.

Furious at the outcome, Agamemnon decides to steal Briseis, the love of Achilles as compensation. This infuriates Achilles and causes him to withdraw from the Trojan war altogether.

It is not until the death of his cousin, Patroclus, that Achilles returns to the war and Agamemnon releases Briseis.


To locate asteroids 655 Briseis and 202 Chryseis, head over to or and input the numbers 655 and 202. Keep your orbs super tight, no bigger than 1-2 degrees and your aspects major – conjunction, square and opposition.

Asteroids Briseis and Chryseis in aspect within the natal chart, can indicate an individual who is prone to being the ‘underling’ or pawn within relationships. One can ascertain that whilst not insurmountable, natal aspects to Briseis and Chryseis reveal a natural disposition to attracting dominating lovers, friends and work positions. Until this pattern is recognised, accepted and surmounted, this can be quite the self-defeating placement.

Transits to / from Briseis and Chryseis can indicate life situations where you are a pawn to another’s agenda, or are dealing with others who are superficial and fail to place value in your full worth. You also find that dominating others circle you when these asteroids are activated, with the connecting planet or luminary revealing the possible energy expression.


Possible keywords:- dominating lovers, dominating friends, dominating work colleagues, being used as a pawn, others attracted to superficial elements of an individual, indirectly involved in other’s arguments, superficial appeal.


Artwork – Jacques-Louis David
© Karen Piscitelli


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