Asteroid 60 Echo


Asteroid 60 Echo is a main belt asteroid discovered on September 14th, 1860 by James Ferguson. She takes just under four years to orbit the Sun, spending roughly four months in each sign, orbit and retrograde dependent.


In Ancient Greek mythology, Echo was a mountain nymph who loved the sound of her own voice.In one version of her story, Zeus, who we know was the King of all ladies men, would often visit Earth to frolic with his nymph fan club, with his wife, Hera sneaking along now and then – to keep an eye on his philandering. Echo,  in these instances, would cover Zues’s romps by amusing Hera with her exciting stories.  When Hera discovered the ruse, she punished Echo by taking away her voice. Except on one condition, Echo could only be heard repeating the words of others. Echo had fallen in love with Narcissus and one day, she followed him as he hunted. After she had repeated him a few times and no doubt felt silly enough, she run out of the shadows and into his arms, hoping for a loving embrace. It was not to be and Narcissus pushed her to the side, leaving her heartbroken, wailing and from then on, she would haunt the empty fields mourning – her tears the only remnant of her voice.



To locate asteroid 60 Echo in your natal chart, head over to and input the number 60 in the additional objects field. Keep your aspects major – conjunction, square, opposition, trine and your orbs tight, within 1 degree.

In your natal chart, Echo can indicate numerous elements, There is the obvious with communications difficulties, but there is also the fact that her skill – her voice – was abused in a cover up scenario. Here you have the classic, salesman persona – where empty words are a talent used for gain. Famous conman, Frank Abagnale, with the questionable date I could find, does have Echo trine Mercury. However, as comments mentioned below, whilst sales can be a natural career leaning, many who experience Echo in aspect, are only able to dabble in this field of expertise, when there is belief behind the product. But do struggle with the lies and innuendo that often attach themselves to such an industry.

Echo is also relevant within love relations, where words are shallow, and hidden affairs can be an underlying factor and ultimately, a harsh ending point. It is doubtful that anyone with Echo in aspect would be the type who has a thriving relationship after there has been a dalliance. It is also apparent that where communications are lacking, love does not prosper – with the Echo individual quite prone to creating a love affair in their minds, where no possibility actually exists. For someone who experiences Echo in aspect in the natal chart, they would need to be aware of the deception factor attached to her, as well as the natural tendency to rely on the surface nature of words. The Echo individual would need to be encouraged to take relationships and the life experience in general at a slower pace and learn not to rush into situations without gathering firm information to support future goals. This is a classic indicator of an individual who will leap before they look, and find it difficult to walk their talk. No doubt the individual with asteroid Echo in aspect has more than a few relationship and life experience war wounds but over time, they would learn to harness their in built talent for communications and no doubt reap their fairly earned merits.

Plus, the obvious – the choice of mate. Narcissus? Seriously? Question the attraction when Echo is in natal aspect and take things sloooowlllly!

It would be interesting to see if in transit, natal Echo is a trigger event for deception. At the very least, it would not be surprising if it is experienced at a time when you feel as if no one is listening to you and you are continually feel as if you are repeating yourself. Not to mention possible activity when you are having a torrid affair that will remain solely in the imagination!


Artwork – John William Waterhouse
© Karen Piscitelli


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