Asteroid 588 Achilles


Asteroid 588 Achilles was the first of the Trojan asteroids to be discovered. The Sun/Jupiter belt is divided – one section being the Greek slice, another the Trojan. Achilles has a similar orbit around the Sun as Jupiter, taking just under twelve years, spending around a year in each sign – orbit and retrograde dependent.


In Ancient Greek mythology, Achilles was a legend. The son of Thetis and Peleus, he was King of the Myrmidons, the bravest and most skilled warriors of the land. It is his place in the Trojan war that is his most memorable story. Paris had stolen away Helen, the wife of Agamemnon, which shattered the last remnant of hope that peace would be gained between the Greeks and the Trojans.

Launching a war like no other, Achilles led a massive fleet and was defeating the Trojans until Agamemnon stole the beautiful hostage Briseus, whom Achilles had grown quite fond of. This event caused Achilles to refuse to fight and the Trojans started to rise in victory. Patroclus, his close friend/war bud/family member, wore his armor and led the Myrmidons into battle, unbeknown to Achilles. It was at this battle that history was made. Hektor killed Patroclus, thinking it was the great Achilles. The great warrior was devastated and was determined to seek revenge.

According to Homer’s Iliad, the Olympian Gods and Goddesses played a huge part in what transpired, from disguising themselves to deceive the warriors, telling this person that, slashing at Achilles themselves on the battle field, but ultimately, it became a two man battle when Hektor faces Achilles alone. He fought victoriously but Achilles was unstoppable and Hektor’s last request was that his body be treated with respect at his death. Well, as you know, this wasn’t to be and Achilles dragged him around and around, tethered to the back of his cart, letting the birds peck away at his flesh and all of that sort of disrespectful stuff. With the help of the Gods however, Hektor’s father Priam, was able to persuade to Achilles to release Hektor’s body for proper burial.

It was the final battle, after the entry of the famous, Trojan Horse – where Achilles met his death. By the arrow issued by Paris, which is claimed to have been guided by Apollo, as Paris was just useless in battle – Achilles fate was sealed as the arrow penetrated the only part of his body that remained mortal – his heel.


To locate asteroid 588 in your natal chart, stop staring at the above image and head over to and input the numbers 588 into the additional objects field. Keep your orbs fairly tight, no larger than 3 degrees and knock yourself out with the aspects.

Remember, Achilles was raised by Chiron, so he is an interesting twist in your natal chart.

In the natal chart, Achilles is your warrior of great achievement. This little pocket of self that wants to be the ‘best’, be remembered throughout history and will find it near to impossible to settle for mediocrity. Aspects will reveal more information than house placement or rulership of Achilles, as his name meaning must also be considered – ‘the grief of the people’. This is heavy nameology, indicating that even in success, the Achilles aspect still experiences its own level of grief. It wants, it aims, it achieves, but it is never good enough.

The maternal can also be brought into the Achilles principle, especially when in aspect to the Moon, Venus, and Thetis (obviously). Here, you will find levels of over-protectiveness or where extreme ambition has been thrust upon you whilst maturing. Yet again, these same entities in aspect to Achilles, reveal much regards ones own expectations as a parent.

In transit, Achilles raises many interesting scenarios.

You could find that you are being smothered or over-protected when natal Achilles is activated, or that the intimates expectations of you are extreme. Perhaps one can even consider the question of personal mortality when Achilles is contacted by a planet in transit, especially Jupiter or Pluto.

If Achilles in transit connects with a natal energy, one can surmise that you are being called to muster all of your strength, your defiance and your resilience to be victorious within a present battle. Revenge can also factor when Achilles connects in transit, as can tumultuous love affairs. Heavy emotional shifts are indicated when Achilles is in action, with victory, although planned for, often being a bitter sweet event.

Other interesting figures to factor into your Achilles story are: –

– Chiron – how does he affect your Achilles, or vice versa

– Briseis (asteroid 655) a situation or individual, part of the emotional process which causes you to sway or second guess your original intention

– Patroclus (asteroid 617) a situation or individual, that is actually taken from you and formulates a road to downfall, your decision dependent

– Penthesilea (asteroid 271) a situation or individual that you admire for their strength and beauty, but still defeat anyway

– Agamemnon (asteroid 911) the authority figure that instigates a difficult dynamic

– Hektor (asteroid 624) a situation or individual, who unwittingly crossed you in a negative manner and faces the enormity of your wrath

– Paris (asteroid 3317) a situation or individual that discovers and abuses your weakness

Possible Keywords:- greatness, ambition, victory, downfall, betrayal, ego aims, desires for fame, ruthlessness, expectations of others, expectations for others, loyalty, honor, revenge, brutality, grief, loss, gain, healing of ego, balance between healthy success and seeking popularity based on fame, finding greatness in mediocrity

Artwork – copyright the original artist
© Karen Piscitelli


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