Asteroid 55 Pandora


Asteroid 55 Pandora, is a large asteroid that sits just inside the Mars/Jupiter belt and was discovered on September 10, 1858 (a Virgo) by G, Searle. Pandora takes just over four and a half years to orbit the Earth, spending around three months in each sign, retrograde dependent.


It was after the titan Prometheus stole the secret of fire from the God Zeus, that the heavens set forth to create the ‘perfect’ return gift for the mortals of the world. Created by the blacksmith Hephaestus, son of Hera – Pandora, the first woman, was a gift from the Gods and Goddess of the heavens, a little piece of all of them.

From Athena, she received a talent for weaving, from Aphrodite she received rampant sex appeal, from Hermes she received a deceitful nature, thoughts of wickedness and the disposition to lie. Athena dressed her in a gorgeous flowing silver robe with the most stunning of adornments, whilst Persuasion and the Charites took care of the other accessories, and Horae finished their masterful creation of beauty with a garland crown.

Hermes finally named her Pandora, which means ‘all gifted’ and the Gods laughed mercilessly at their twisted in joke. Pandora was then sent upwards to the mortal world to tempt humanity with a beauty and nature that would ultimately tear man apart, but it did not stop there. With her was an object of mystery and ill will. A jar, also a gift from the Gods. Here, interpretation varies, from the jar containing nothing but good which was altered by Pandora’s curiosity and her subsequent opening of the jar – to that of the jar containing nothing but evil with hope tucked deep within.

It is this jar of Pandora’s that is such a hot point of speculation. It is said to hold all of the evils of man – plague, famine, sickness, all things horrible. But within all of the evil, there is hope. What historians are not able to decide is whether the message sent forth is indicative of there being no hope as man will always wallow within evil, or that there is always hope despite the evil, and that once one cuts loose the evil, hope flies free. Despite numerous translations and studies, there is little agreement to be had on absolute meaning and interpretation of the mysterious meaning sent to humanity by the ancients of the time.


To locate asteroid 55 Pandora in your natal chart, head over to and input the number 55 in the ‘additional objects’ section. Keep your aspects major – conjunction, square, opposition and your orbs within 1 degree.

Here, we have the personification of mystery and curiosity, not just in a historical sense, but as a realistic psychological consideration. If the experts cannot even agree on such a strong myth, how does one decipher the message entwined within their natal details? As Pandora is a Virgo, you can see the strong shadow side of Pisces here, with the ultimate challenge being to find the perfect Virgo mode of operation. Clarity, consistency, and directed movement, flowing without deceptive obstacles.

From her story, you can see that Pandora was a creation, an entity set forth with a purpose to undermine with temptation. There is beauty, perfection, attraction and deception, all entwined, which causes confusion and loss of direction. With aspects to Pandora, one would find that they often cross paths with the ‘lesser female’.

For women, it is common knowledge that at times, they can be their own worse enemy and with Pandora being the creation of so many Goddesses – what has been passed over is what is known that would succeed in undermining whomever was attracted. You would need to be wary of intense sexual connections, extreme levels of bitchiness from peers and overly zealous feelings of jealousy from both sexes.

For men, you would find yourself quite drawn to the deceptive woman who undermines your efforts, is not faithful or is prone to lying.

However, in both instances, these traits could be a part of your actual psyche, or alternatively, you could adopt these elements as a ‘projection excuse’ for failings within relationships and personal goals. This is also part of the Pandora phenomenon, deciphering and dissecting the mystery of negative attraction.

The next element for consideration is the jar and hope! On a personal level, you can apply the theory of positivity – are you a glass half full or half empty type of individual? When faced with adversity, do you keep pushing, or do you give up hope? Do you live with false hope? Turning a blind eye to the obvious, preferring to continue with what is personally destructive. Are you easily tempted by negativity and do you project levels of blame towards others when your efforts don’t achieve your expectations? There is also the element of curiosity. Do you push the limits where you should leave well alone? Will you proceed without thought, ignoring the blatant warnings, intrigued by mystery and determined to continue regardless of the level of danger or failure attached to the end outcome? Pandora’s jar holds many deep questions that only pushing through personal deception will answer.


Artwork – John William Waterhouse
© Karen Piscitelli


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