Asteroid 5 Astraea


Asteroid 5, Astraea, is a main belt asteroid (the belt between Mars and Jupiter) – discovered on December 8th, 1845 (a Sagittarius) by Karl Ludwig Henke, the same astronomer who discovered Hebe. Overall, there is nothing spectacular or remarkable about Astraea but her discovery whilst Henke was seeking out Vesta, was the beginning to the end of many theories in the astronomy world. She was to open the door to the grand reveal of thousands of asteroids and the demotion of the other ‘Goddess Asteroids’ which were considered planets at the time. Astraea takes just over four years to orbit the earth, spending roughly four months in each sign.



In Greek myth, Astraea is the virgin Goddess of Justice and Righteous Indignation, who mingled amongst men in the Golden Age, a time of fairness, prosperity and no wars. Once this Golden generation passed, the one that followed was led by greed, and individuals ceased to pay heed to the duty of justice and fairness. Still, she walked amongst man, imploring them to be kinder to one another, continue the old ways, but to no avail. It is stated that she fled the earth to the heavens during the harsh lawlessness of the Bronze Age, as she could not stand the injustice and cruelty, choosing to reside in the heavens as the constellation of Virgo. Here, she refuses to show her face in the prayers of man kind but will send Hermes, the messenger, with word regarding legal matters and the choices in the path to righteousness.



How Virgo is this myth! I was just considering how powerful this influence is with the Virgo who has a strong Sagittarius influence in their charts. They are extremely opinionated with their judgments on fairness and it is near impossible in changing their opinion. They’re fun and funny but WOW!

To locate asteroid 5, Astraea, head over to, extended chart selection and input the number, if it is not already one of the listed options. Keep your orbs tight and your aspects major.

In your chart, Astraea symbolizes your feelings regarding the world at large and the injustices that lie there in. You find that you struggle to watch the news, abhorred by the violent truth that is humanity. You have the desire for peace and tranquility, repulsed by anything that moves outside of your pictured oasis. Here, you are judgmental, opinionated and prepared to turn your back on individuals or situations that move outside of your desired realm. You prefer the untouched, the dream scape and distance yourself from all, building a bubble of protection in preference to wading through the difficulties of opening yourself to an alternative experience. Where there are tight aspects with Jupiter or Sagittarius, here is a very rigid and judgmental approach. Tight aspects with Neptune or Pisces find an increase in escapism and a desire to remain distant from the harsher elements of living. One would look for substance abuse here, most definitely, with such a strong desire to rise above what is deemed the gutter.

Within mystic circles, Astraea relates to the Justice card in tarot, an energy that is given when decisions are to be made or information is coming forth about intense matters, generally involving legal concerns. This is a positive energy that generally brings closure, one way or another, to a stressful circumstance. However, there is also the disposition to be blinded about certain facts, to remain too firmly within one’s own mind set and the encouragement to open up, let alternative opinion and more information in.


Artwork – copyright the original artist, who is unknown
© Karen Piscitelli


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