Asteroid 42 Isis


Asteroid 42 Isis, is a large main belt asteroid discovered on May 24th, 1856 by Norman Robert Pogson. Isis takes just over three and a half years to orbit the Sun, spending around three and a half months in a certain sign.


Isis is the ancient Egyptian Goddess who was the patron of motherhood, magic and fertility. Created on the ‘fourth day’, she is noted as being the daughter of Geb, the earth mother, and Nut, the father of the sky. She was the carer of the downtrodden and the prayer listener of the wealthy. With her husband Osiris the god of the Dead, Isis is the mother of Horus, who was conceived after the death of his father and is considered the most significant deity in Egyptian religion.

The main tale involving Isis is one of love, deception, jealousy and magic. As a sister to Nephthys, Set and Osiris, it is said that when Nephthys was denied a child by Set, she altered her appearance to that of her more attractive sister Isis in an endeavour to seduce him. However, the seduction failed and Osiris ultimately fancied her, believing Nephthys to be his wife and a coupling was shared. The aftermath of that disaster was the child, Anubis. In her fear of Set discovering this deceit and the resulting love child, Nephthys persuaded Isis to adopt Anubis, thus becoming an illegitimate heir to greatness. Due to his shady beginning however, Anubis was unable to rise to his father’s throne on his death and was destined to protect the Underworld, rather than rule it.

Within the sibling rivalry, it is stated that the ultimate demise of Osiris, came at the hand of deception by Set. He played a game by creating a beautiful box and staged a banquet with the claim that whomever could fit in the box could leave with it. Set had already measured Osiris, so of course it was a perfect fit. But little did they know that ultimately this gorgeous box was a coffin specially designed for Osiris. Set closed the box on his entry and tossed it into the river Nile. Isis was distraught and went in search of the box so that she could give her love a proper burial. Furious, Set found the box first and cut Osiris into fourteen pieces and scattered them all over Egypt. Nephthys and Isis searched high and low, managing to find thirteen of the fourteen pieces, with Isis creating his lost phallus out of magic. But, the magic did not last and Osiris soon passed away, thus the mythology surrounding the flooding of the Nile, being the tears of Isis as she mourns the death of her beloved husband.


To locate asteroid 42 Isis in your natal chart, head over to or and input the number 42. Keep your aspects major – conjunction, square, opposition and your orbs tight, within 1-2 degrees.

In your natal chart, Isis indicates a point of true and undeniable love, an unwavering devotion to your chosen mate. Here, you are prepared to do whatever it takes to maintain the connection. There is extreme forgiveness and understanding, even in the face of jealousy, adversity and unfaithfulness. No doubt the Isis individual experiences infidelity within their connections a few times and unless there is a natal Uranus, or Pluto aspect controlling it, they are the type that will be able to heal from that whilst remaining in the relationship. They may even be the type who state that an affair can improve their love life. Those with the Uranus or Pluto connections however, would have no tolerance for any form of betrayal and would easily move on from a connection where infidelity was experienced.

Adoption could be a high possibility with natal Isis in aspect and one can also not ignore the reference to and usage of magic. Individuals with strong aspects to Isis would have an undeniable attraction for magical world. Isis was a positive, loving, forgiving Goddess, and the ultimate mother figure head, who helped her husband work with the world of death. She was famous for her usage of magic and it is noted in some works that she foresaw the death of her husband. It would be expected that the Isis individual would have heightened intuition and an intense dream world.

What one would have to be careful of however regards Isis in the natal, or active by transit, is an attraction to ‘love spells’. It would be quite natural for the Isis individual to be drawn into ways of manipulating their desires through the study of magic, or the employ of those who work in the craft.

In transit, Isis would be a telling influence regarding love triangles, infidelity temptation or acts thereof, fertility concerns, actual birth, heightened intuition and an attraction to or magic. It is a time where the maternal desire is strong as is the connection to your deepest romantic love. Obviously this is nothing but positive when events are in your favour, but it can be quite tricky when they are not. One can be tempted to manipulate, play jealousy games, or enter into deceptive relations.

Keywords:- magic, intuition, wicca, pagan, spells, love, marriage, devotion, adoption, surrogacy, step-children, foster children, widow, deception, unfaithful partner


Artwork – copyright the original artist, who is unknown
© Karen Piscitelli


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