Asteroid 41 Daphne


Asteroid 41 Daphne is a large main belt asteroid, discovered on May 22, 1856 ( a Taurus) by astronomer Hermann Goldschmidt. Taking just over four and half years to orbit the Sun, Daphne spends four-five months in each sign, orbit and retrograde dependent.


In Ancient Greek mythology, there are a few stories about Daphne.  One version is that Daphne was a prophetic princess of the Delphic Oracle until a time of war, where she was taken prisoner and given to Apollo as a gift.  Second version, is that Daphne was extremely beautiful, loved and pursued by Apollo until she was exhausted. Begging Gaia for relief, she was engulfed by the Earth and a distraught Apollo was given a laurel tree instead. (I just can’t see that working for today’s man). Version three – Apollo made fun of Eros’s ‘love arrow’ and archery skills, causing Eros to shoot him in the butt, just to prove how potent his love arrows really were. Not long after, Apollo caught sight of the gorgeous nymph, Daphne, and began to give chase. Daphne flees Apollo, begging her father, to help her. He does, and she is morphed into the magical Laurel tree. Apollo is devastated and taking a few branches from her tree, forms a laurel crown which becomes a major piece of Apollo’s sacred symbolism throughout history. Version four – there was a mortal male, Leukippos, who fell in love with the beautiful huntress, Daphne. She was apt, aloof and elusive – so rather than pursue her by normal means, Leukippos decided to dress up as a fellow huntress and become close to her that way. His ploy worked, with Daphne keeping the sheman close to her side until jealous Apollo, who wanted the beauty for himself, used his magical powers to implant the idea in her mind that all sexy huntress’s should go bath in the river. Once they were all naked and frolicking about in the water, except Leukippos, they sensed something was remiss and started tearing his clothes off. Oh how different this scenario would have played out in poor old Leukippos’s imagination. Rather than have the women all lusty, they were furious at his deception and began stabbing him frantically with their spears. Apollo, never one to miss out on an opportunity, swept down to Daphne with his perfect hair, glinting teeth and debonair head wobble – but sick of the ways of the wanton male, Daphne flew to the heavens to escape his advances.



To locate asteroid 41 Daphne in your natal chart, head over to and input the number 41 in the additional objects field. Keep your aspects major – conjunction, square, opposition and your orbs tight, within 1 degree.

In your natal chart, Daphne, just like Apollo, is another intuitive point for consideration. Looking through the ‘psychic’ file that I have, all of them seem to have either Daphne or Apollo in major aspect with a planet or luminary. Example: – Alison Dubois has Apollo conjunct Mercury, Sylvia Brown has Daphne oppose Sun and Edgar Cayce has Chiron oppose Apollo, with only a two degree orb distance between Apollo and Daphne. Interesting tidbit, Uri Geller hardly has any of the Oracle asteroids in aspect, and definitely no Apollo or Daphne. I went roaming through celebrities to see if I could find any romantic tie in, but could not pin anything down (other than who is super psychic and who is not). One interesting tidbit did pop up however. Sandra Bullock has natal Daphne conjunct Jupiter in her 12th House Taurus. You have all read the reports regarding the cheating husband – transiting Daphne has been all over her natal Eris (she knew and was working out a plan), plus, Persephone. Tisiphone and Diana have all really rammed it all home. However, in her defense, she does have KASSANDRA (instinct denial) in Taurus oppose natal Neptune in Scorpio, plus she has Amor oppose Venus. Everything in Aquarius has been challenging her to ’see’ the truth in both the Scorpio and Taurus sectors and she has, sadly. Oh well, he will rue the day! She also has Ceres oppose Venus and Juno conjunct Pallas in Scorpio. Anyway, you get the gist -Daphne indicates strong, intuitive ability.

In transition, Daphne can indicate heightened psychic connection or a message for the moment. It can also indicate a time when you are being pursued by someone or a situation that does not bring you pleasure. Daphne does not seem to equate to the more upbeat intuitive flow of Apollo and could indicate harsher prophecies on the horizon. There is also the uncovering of deception tied into the intuitive flow of Daphne, so you can expect to have elusive details unraveled when Daphne connects in transit.

Possible Keywords:- gifted with heightened intuition, unhealthy attractions, loss of innocence, fear of commitment, prophetic or intuitive warning, hidden deception, manipulative others within the intimate sphere


Artwork – Charles Amable Lenoir
© Karen


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