Asteroid 34 Circe


There is little data to be found on asteroid 34 Circe, simply a few lines stating that she is a dark, main belt asteroid that was discovered by Jean Chacornac on April 6th, 1855. This makes her an Aries and it seems the rest is left to her complex mythology. We do know that the main belt asteroids lie between Mars and Jupiter, so this taints the flavoring and expression of this particular asteroid.  On peeking into her ephemeris on the NASA database and finding a bunch of info I have zilch idea about, there was mention that Ceres, Pallas and Vesta are considered small pertubers. We could easily classify the dwarf planet and two Goddess asteroids as a source of Circe agitation in astrology. Circe moves through a sign every four months, retrograde dependent.


Circe is fascinating mythology. Deemed a minor Goddess of magic, she is also known as a nymph, sorceress and enchantress who resides on the island of Aeaea – a mythical place mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey. She was the daughter of Helius, the god of the Sun and Perse, an Oceanid – one of thousands of daughters of the seas, also known as mermaids and sirens. She is said to be the mother of the Minotaur and to turn her enemies into animals of they cross her and to be extremely knowledgeable of herbs and toxins.

It is claimed in Homer’s Odyssey, that Odysseus (the mythology for THE personal journey), was on his travels to Ithaca,when he landed upon Aeaea and discovered Circe living in a mansion within a clearing that was protected by lions and wolves. The guests were welcomed by these creatures and Circe,  offered them to sit at a feast as she worked at her loom. Unbeknown  of Odysseus’s crew, she had laced part of the meal and they were all turned into pigs with a wave of her wand as they gorged themselves on her offerings. Eurylochus, who was suspicious of Circe from the get go. stayed out of the feasting and warned Odysseus and the others who had remained on the ship. Odysseus wanted to rescue his men but was warned by Hermes (Mercury) to use a special herb to thwart her powers, or she would render his ‘manhood’ useless. He followed Hermes advice, freed his men, then remained by Circe’s side for one year, drinking, eating and manhooding. After this year, he was released and able to return to his land of Ithaca.



It is so interesting to me that the info out there about Circe is slippery to say the least.  What stands out to me is the fact that she is a ‘dark’ main belt asteroid and also considered a magician – slash – sorceress – slash – enchantress. It seems she wants to do what she loves in privacy. She has little desire to be in the public eye and is attracted to what the normal world would consider dark and manipulative. What adds to this perception is that she was living a solitary existence, one away from society and surrounding herself with animals and her crafts. It is others, the males, who encroach on her asylum, to which she welcomes them and offers them hospitality. To my mind, it would seem that they perhaps acted like the animal she turned them into, pigs – it was merely an action taken towards behavior in her personal haven. However, she held the key of knowledge, how to reach the end goal of Odysseus’s personal journey. To gain this information, there were lies, spells and trickery afoot but in the end, she did the right thing. His men were freed, he found out his information and she had a passionate lover affair. It seems that a main drive for her is defined in her science . Overall, in her solitude, she has chosen to shun much of the other feminine ways – Ceres (motherhood), Pallas (daddy’s girl and diplomat) and Vesta (home body). She is the aggressor with others and forms relationships on her terms, more as a business union than that of an emotional interchange. She knows her passions, her belief system, has her own moral boundaries and makes no apologies.

We can consider Circe as a secretive place in our psyche where we can attempt to undermine others, as well as ourselves. It is a place that we will seek alternative answers on our ‘personal journey’ and it would be interesting to see in transition to your natal, if Circe has been in play if you have experienced ‘magical events’. She obviously denotes magic and wicca/pagan desires in ones chart and would be a strong placement in any who chose this form of belief system. It also defines a desire to explore more natural means of healing and a simpler life away from societal expectations.   Circe is where we can be manipulative or are manipulated by others to get to where we want to go. Where there are secret deals with hidden agendas and emotional considerations. It can indicate through transit, a time where it would be wise to consider the sources of personal assistance, as there could be deception within any advice given. You can find yourself entering a union/business deal/relationship that lacks emotional bonding – and stuck with the connection for a certain duration. Circe energy is full of instinct, intuition and ultimately deception.

Perhaps one could consider that a tight aspect with her would be guidance that it is best to seek advice from your chosen source of belief, rather than from others as you will miss details, be let down, miss out on emotional fulfillment.

Yet again, only consider a conjunction or tight opposition when studying your asteroids, in both natal and transit interpretations. Keep your orbs tight, 1 degree either side should suffice.


Artwork – George Romney
© Karen Piscitelli


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