Asteroid 3218 Delphine


Asteroid 3218 Delphine is a main belt asteroid, Mars/Jupiter, discovered on September 24th, 1960 by a group of astronomer’s from Palomer University.  He takes just over four years to orbit the Sun, spending around four months in each sign, orbit and retrograde dependent.


In Ancient Greek mythology, Delphine was the dolphin God who helped to locate the nereid Amphitrite, whom Poseidon was desperate to marry. She aimed to elude his advances, desiring to maintain her virginity and fled to be by Atlas, the second generation Titan who was the personification of endurance. It is said that Atlas was the God who instructed humans about astronomy, and was the pillar between the earth and the heavens. Some even say that it was Atlas who turned the heavens on its axis, causing the stars to revolve – thus being responsible for the seasons and navigation. Anyway, once located by the dolphin leader, Poseidon swept Amphitrite away (without her permission) and made her his own, and ultimately the Queen of the Sea. Delphine’s reward was to be cast into the Heaven’s as the constellation Delphinus.


To locate asteroid Delphine in your natal chart, head over to and input the number 3218 into the additional objects field. Keep your aspects major – conjunction, square and opposition and your orbs tight, within 1 degree.

As Delphine is classified as an Oracle, in your natal chart, aspects to this asteroid indicate some sort of ‘visionary’ gift. Rulership, apart from aspect, would be a key indicator on how this intuitive talent would be expressed.


Artwork – copyright the original artist, who is unknown
© Karen Piscitelli


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