Asteroid 2878 Panacea


Asteroid 2878 Panacea is a main belt asteroid discovered on September 7th, 1980 by E. Bowell.  Panacea takes just under two years to orbit the Sun, spending around two months in each sign, orbit and retrograde dependent.


In Greek mythology, Panacea was the Goddess of healing.  Her forte was that of ‘cures’ and it is said that she carried with her a potion that would heal the sick.



To locate asteroid 2878 Panacea in your natal chart, head over to and input the number 2878 in the additional objects field. Keep your aspects major – conjunction, square, opposition and your orbs tight, within 1 degree.

In your natal chart, it is quite obvious what Panacea represents, the gift of healing. Her father’s representation of a snake wrapped around a staff is a symbolic element of the medical profession to this day. Ancient alchemists pursued an ‘elixir’ named Panacea, or Panchrest – as the healer of all ills and the prolonger of life.  Apart from the healing elements of natal Panacea, individuals in aspect will also be seeking the ‘big’ solution regarding problems in life and will no doubt contribute to the healing world in high profile ways. Examples of natal Panacea in action can be found in the charts of Edgar Cayce with Panacea contra parallel his Pisces Sun, and oppose Mercury and Saturn, Nicholas Culpepper, also an astrologer, who roamed the English countryside in the search of herbs for natural cures experienced Panacea in Virgo parallel Pluto – and Maria Stopes, who was the pioneer in family planning and birth control, had Panacea in Gemini conjunct Hygeia. If you have natal Panacea in aspect within the natal chart, you are in brilliant company.

In transit, asteroid Panacea indicates a time when productive and long term solutions are sought. There is little consideration for the quick fix and the ultimate aim is for permanent healing. In conjunction, this aspect would relate to you as an individual, whilst an opposition would indicate solution finding for someone else. Squares would indicate a growing situation and when noticed, a positive time to start working on solutions regarding the health of the body and the psyche. What I found really profound when searching for case studies, was how pertinent the rulership was over the expression of the natal Panacea. On that basis, rulership would be a major key in deciphering the direction of problem solving and long term healing.

Possible Keywords:– healing abilities, health in general, seeking a cure, perfectionist habits, problem solving abilities, permanent cures, health obsession, obsessed about longevity, vanity, hypochondria.


Artwork – copyright the original artist, who is unknown
© Karen Piscitelli


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