Asteroid 239 Astraea


Asteroid 239 Adrastea is a main belt asteroid discovered on August 18, 1884 by Johann Palisa. She takes just over five years to orbit the Sun, spending around four-five months in a sign, orbit and retrograde dependent. Adrastea is also a named Moon of Jupiter, not be confused with asteroid 239!


Named after the nymph, Adrasteia – meaning ‘inescapable’ – she was responsible for nursing Zeus, as well as keeping him hidden from his father Cronus. It is also claimed that she was an epithet, or nickname for another famed Goddess, Nemesis – she who disperses, or issues out, which also implicates the shadow self.  Other ‘nicknames’ include being linked to Rhea, daughter of Uranus and Gaia – who was ‘the Mother of the Gods and Goddesses’, and the Indo-European Mother of the Mountains, Cybele.


To locate asteroid 239 Adrastea in your natal chart, head over to and input the numbers 239 in the additional objects field. Keep your aspects major – conjunction, square, opposition and your orbs tight, within 1 degree.

Adrastea’s mythology is brief and her naming, complex. She seems to share a strong kinship to what is related regards the zodiac sign of Cancer. Hence it would not be remiss to embrace the basic keywords of the that sign in your interpretations. One can assume that her influence relates to responsibility, that which is inescapable, as her name suggests. Parenting is such a life event, as are mortgage and bill commitments. You can also include family history and cultural tradition as possible focus for Adrastea. When considering interpretation of natal Adrastea, the aspects will be most telling regards the action and reaction process when it comes down to life responsibility as a whole. For example, aspects involving Pluto will indicate a destruction of past actions/reactions regards responsibility, whilst aspects involving the Moon, will indicate a more compliant approach and possible hidden resentments about the level of responsibility assumed in daily living.

Transits to Adrastea indicate a time where you are dumped with a heap of responsibility, of which has been sort after – or is a sore spot of disruption. You could become a parent, a grandparent, or have some level of ‘movement/change’ in the family home. It can indicate a time where serious commitment is made regarding the finances or career avenues, or indicate a change of the present living circumstance. Rebellion can figure with Adrastea activated, as can the feeling or reality that facts are being hidden from you.

Possible Keywords:- inescapable event/responsibility, responsibility, dependence on others in decision making, being the sole provider of support to others, adoption, covering another’s actions due to feelings of responsibility, life’s serious commitments, commitment issues, resentment regards life responsibilities, rebellion against tradition, parental resentment /adoration, disappointment comparing self to family, controlling others in the family environment.


Artwork – copyright the original artist, who is unknown
© Karen Piscitelli


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