Asteroid 2101 Adonis


Asteroid 2101 Adonis was one of the first Apollo asteroids to be discovered on February 12th, 1936 by Eugene Delport, but then become lost in space once more. Not long after the discovery of asteroid Apollo, Adonis was re-discovered by Charles T Kowal in 1977. It is thought to be an extinct comet that is responsible for a few meteor showers. Moving in to the orbits of Earth, Venus and Mars, asteroid Adonis will move close to us a few times in the 21st century. Asteroid Adonis has a crazy orbit! Whizzing through Capricorn to Virgo, only spending a few weeks in each sign, he begins to slow down and his journey through Libra to Sagittarius is one of stop/start – retrograde and direct. Despite the astronomy specs listed in the wiki, according to the ephemeris, due to his erratic retrogrades and super speed whoosh, Adonis takes just over four years to orbit the Sun, spending the longest section of his journey in Libra and Scorpio.


In modern day thought, the term Adonis, conjures up imagery of the most handsome of men. In mythology, the tale of Adonis is a complexity of uncertain origins and one that was worshiped in secrecy by women.  It is stated that the basis of the Adonis mythology stems back to the Mesopotamian tale of Innana and her mourning of the passing of Tammuz, also akin to Isis and her undying devotion to her husband, Osiris.

To the Ancient Greeks, the tale of Adonis is as follows. Born of unknown origins (basically made up to suit the patriarchal society of the time) Adonis was the most beautiful of males. The Goddess Aphrodite found him so beautiful, she placed him in a box and sent him to Persephone in the Underworld for safekeeping. However, one sight of Adonis swept Persephone into a whirl and she refused to return him to Aphrodite.  Zeus was called in to settle the dispute and it was decided that Adonis would spend one half of the year in the Upper-world with Aphrodite and the other half in the Underworld with Persephone. Whilst hunting one Spring with Aphrodite, Adonis was killed by a boar. Rumor has it that it was Hephaestus, Aphrodite’s husband in disguise, or even Ares her secret but jealous lover – or even Artemis, the sister to Ares who just plain did not like Aphrodite, even more so with her slaying of Hippolytus. We could also start a modern rumor that Hades had something to do with it. It is highly doubtful that the Lord of the Underworld would have taken too kindly to his Queen doting over some individual of divine gorgeousness.

Hearing Adonis’s death moans. Aphrodite rushes to his side and sprinkles nectar, the food and drink of the Gods, all over his body. Thus he was reborn on Earth in the form of the beautiful red flowers, anemone, and ultimately reclaimed in the Underworld by Persephone.


To locate asteroid 2101 Adonis in your natal chart, head over to and input the numbers 2101 in the additional objects field.

This mythology is quite special and is a delicate, intricate view of the masculine. It will evolve and be expressed by the sexes in the same way, as it moves beyond the masculine facade, surface attraction and touches the deeply intimate.

In your natal chart, Adonis is symbolic for the chosen mate – that individual who is so beautiful in your eyes, you just want to treasure and nurture them, regardless of other factors in life itself. For this individual, you will do almost anything and defy almost everyone. It is the truest, most purest, most highly sort, romantic connection. If one reflects on the mythology, it is the connection to the Underworld which is everlasting – meaning, that only when your deepest romantic need is satisfied, will true happiness in love be found. According to the actual orbit of Adonis, most of you will experience Adonis from the signs Virgo to Sagittarius, with a predominance of Libra and Scorpio rulership. It is interesting to note that the orbit of Adonis, who is in fact a vegetation symbol, also resonates with the change of physical season. Use the known keywords for the sign of rulership to decipher the romantic intention of your natal Adonis.

Other considerations for natal Adonis can be related back to co-dependency, who tends to take care of you and just how much power you give away in that department. Apart from rulership, house position and the conjunction/square/opposition aspects will be quite telling here regards the internal desire for others to take control of life and its responsibilities.

One could also lay claim that Adonis, whilst there is the codependency leaning, there is also that strong measure of support provided to him. Perhaps Adonis also symbolizes how supportive you are as an individual to those you love, and the level of expectation you have for support in return.

In transit, connections to your natal Adonis will be telling regards possible romantic highs and lows. Conjunctions can indicate the ‘meeting’ or a happy time in long term unions, squares obstacles and possible conflict, whilst oppositions can indicate endings, interference by others, or major points of relationship evolution. At the time of a relationship beginning, considerations of Aphrodite and Persephone could be telling and likewise for endings, check Ares/Mars, Hephaestus and Artemis.

Possible Keywords:- love, pure love, mutual love, adoration, devotion, romance beyond sex, beauty of true love, true connection, connection of like minded spirits, the actual soul mate existing, belief in a soul mate, supportive others, absolute trust, not settling with anything less than the heart’s desire, the ultimate cause of divorce – not having one’s Adonis


Artwork – copyright original artist, who is unknown
© Karen Piscitelli


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