Asteroid 1943 Anteros


Asteroid 1943 Anteros is an Amor asteroid discovered on March 13th, 1973 by J, Gibson. Taking just under two years to orbit the Sun, Anteros has an erratic orbit, spending anything from a few weeks, to a few months in each sign – orbit and retrograde dependent.


In Ancient Greek mythology, Anteros is the son of Ares and Aphrodite, who decided to have a brother for their little cutie, Eros.  Similar to his big brother in many ways, except for his longer hair, and fluffy, butterfly like wings – Anteros was the God of Requited Love, meaning love returned. He was also known as the avenger for unrequited love, or the punisher for those who turned their back on love, or scorned the advances of another.


To locate asteroid 1943 Anteros in your natal chart, head over to or and input the number 1943. Keep your aspects major:- conjunction, square, opposition, trine, quincunx and your orbs tight, within 1-2 degrees.

One must wonder if romantically following Eros, Amor, or Cupido, is the most accurate influence in which to find long lasting love. Asteroid Anteros seems to stand for the exact symbolism that is sought after when one craves a loving union – to give love, but to also experience that love returned to you as deeply as it is given and felt. There is nothing more emotionally disabling than love when it is out of balance and asteroid Anteros in the natal chart could quite well be a very significant spot to watch via transits as a degree point where you just might meet true love. Rulership and house placement may or may not have any specific significance, perhaps sharing minor details regards love desire particulars.

When activated by transit however, especially by the outers, this would be most telling. One could surmise that a Pluto connection could indicate intense passion and an entire change of romantic dynamic / Neptune – a difficult connection due to lack of clarity / Uranus – sudden, drastic affair – Saturn – hard work but it could be worth it and Jupiter – luck and abundance. Activation by the personal planets – Mercury, Venus and Mars, or the luminaries – could indicate some level of romantic attraction/meeting/fling – but it would need more time to see how it manifests. However, you could experience feelings of feeling you have met ‘the one’.

Also by transit, when you rebuke another, or find yourself rebuked by someone you fancy – you could see the more vengeful side of Anteros’s nature.


Possible Keywords:- true love, requited love, love returned, mutual adoration, mutual dedication, vengeful behaviour, dangerous behaviour, creepy stalking when love not requited, non-creepy stalking but clinging to a past love


Artwork – Veronese
© Karen Piscitelli


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