Asteroid 19 Fortuna & Asteroid 258 Tyche

PLEASE NOTE – Asteroid Fortuna is not to be confused with Pars Fortune which is an astrological calculation of your Sun, Moon and Rising sign.


Asteroid 19 Fortuna is one of the largest of the main belt asteroids. She was discovered on August 22nd, 1852 by J.R. Hind and takes just under four years to orbit the Sun, spending roughly three months in each sign, retrograde and orbit dependent.

Asteroid 258 Tyche is a large main belt asteroid, discovered on May 4th, 1886 by Robert Luther. She takes just over four years to orbit the Sun, spending roughly three-four months in each sign, orbit and retrograde dependent.


In Ancient Rome, Fortuna was the personification of luck! It could be good luck, or bad luck but it was deemed to be destined as she was also a Goddess of Fate.  Symbolism varies within her cult, but one has remained and that is the Wheel of Fortune, the tenth card in Tarot.

In Ancient Greek mythology, Tyche was the Goddess of luck, good fortune, success and prosperity. Often depicted with Nemesis, who is akin to her as night is to day, it is stated that Nemesis would sweep in with ill-fortune if Tyche’s gifts were boasted about, or Nemesis felt that there was an imbalance of fortunes.



To locate asteroid Fortuna in your natal chart, head over to and input the number 19 or 258 in the additional objects field. As it involves luck and mystical good fortune,  I appreciate that any rules regards orbs and aspects will be righteously ignored!

In your natal chart, the message is simple – it is a spot of luck for you and totally unpredictable. Obviously, it can indicate a downswing (what doesn’t) and harsher natal aspects would indicate that luck comes via hard work and challenge, so always a pleasant surprise (and relief). But overall, we can lay claim as does the Tarot, that this particular spot in your natal chart indicates good fortune and abundance!

Possible Keywords:- good luck, success, prosperity.


Artwork – unknown artist
© Karen Piscitelli


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