Asteroid 1866 Sisyphus


Asteroid 1866 Sisyphus, is the largest of the Apollo asteroids, which are near Earth objects, crossing the same orbital path as the Earth.  However, this asteroid is also classified as a ‘grazer’, as its orbit also crosses the path of Mars. Sisyphus was discovered on December 5th, 1972 (a Sagittarius) by astronomer Paul Wild and takes just over two and half years to orbit the Sun, spending roughly two or so months in each sign.



Sisyphus was the founder and first King of Corinth who promoted navigation and commerce. But he was a power hungry and deceitful individual, taking great pleasure in slaying the traveling guests in his land. In his reign, he was a fearful leader, who thought nothing of wooing his niece and taking over his brother’s throne. It was when he revealed the secrets of one of Zeus’s affairs, that the Gods took it upon themselves to bring Sisyphus to order. For daring to compare his abilities to that of the Gods and betraying their confidences, Zeus ordered Thanatos, Death himself, to chain Sisyphus in Tartarus, a place lower than hell. Ever the deceitful craftsman, Sisyphus persuaded Thanatos to show him the workings of the chains and in a twist of fate, then secured Thanatos within his intended punishment. This caused an absolute uproar and all mortal death ceased until Ares returned to Tartarus, freed Death himself, then attached Sisyphus to the chains as was justly ordered. After his death and as everlasting punishment for considering himself equal to the Gods, Sisyphus was to push a huge boulder up a hill, only to have it return to the bottom for him to push to the top again. His eternal fate is to experience gut wrenching frustration over and over again.



To locate Sisyphus in your natal chart, head over to this page on, go down to the bottom where it states:- additional asteroids or hypothetical planets and input the number 1866. Keep your aspects tight and major – square, conjunction, opposition and within a 1 degree orb.

In your natal chart, Sisyphus indicates where you can be quite ruthless and conniving in achieving your aims. It tells of where you will not shy away from twisting the truth to suit yourself and where you can be outwardly aggressive in getting what you want. Here, you will care little about who you step over, or even destroy, perhaps even gain selfish pleasure from causing others to lose in the game of life. Alternatively, in opposition to one of the planets or luminaries, you can find yourself as prey for this type of individual.

In the realm of trust, Sisyphus can indicate an area in your chart where you are prone to exposing the ‘gossip’, or, are the target of this behavior by others. In transit, you would look towards this asteroid at times when trusted others take it upon themselves to expose your deeper secrets.

Ultimately however, you look towards Sisyphus in your chart as an area where you continually push a desire up an insurmountable hill. This could be an attachment to a relationship that is going nowhere, or a career option that fails to connect with your true talents. Either way, it is a source of personal frustration as you attack the situation with a vengeance, achieve, then watch your efforts dissolve once you reach the top and feel the pressure to start all over again.


Artwork – Titian
© Karen Piscitelli


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