Asteroid 1862 Apollo


Asteroid 1862, Apollo, was the first of the near Earth asteroids to be discovered on April 24th, 1932 (an Aries) by Karl Wilhelm Reinmuth. It then disappeared for a while and was discovered again in 1973. On November 4th, 2005 (Scorpio) it was discovered that a satellite object was orbiting Apollo and thus we have an asteroid moon. It is the first object to be identified as crossing the Earth’s orbit and also crosses the orbits of Venus and Mars. Taking just over a year to orbit the Sun, Apollo spends around a month in each sign.


Apollo is the patron God of music, prophecy, colonization, medicine, archery, poetry, dance, intellectual questioning and is the carer of herds and flocks. Sister of Artemis, the archery huntress, he is the son of Zeus and Leto.

Hera, wife of Zeus, was furious on discovering the pregnancy and banished Leto from giving birth anywhere on Earth. Leto fled to the sanctuary of Delos, a place Hera would not consider, and safely gave birth to her twins. It is said that Delos was surrounded by swans, hence why the bird is now sacred to him.

His first accomplishment as a God, was defeating the Python in Delphi that protected the sacred oracle, or ‘Sybil’ that issued the prophecies of the future. Apollo, like his father, had many affairs and fell in love with many women – the nymphs Daphne and Cyrene, Hecuba the wife of King Priam, Cassandra, the daughter of Hecuba and Priam, and Coronis.

Not one to be sexist, also like his father, he fell in love with many males – Hyacinthis, a Spartan prince and Cyparrisus, a descendant of Heracles. Even though Apollo appeared to be more the lover than the fighter, he was ruthless when angered. He was the God who slayed the seven sons of Niobe and had the sartyr. Marsyas flayed alive for challenging him to a music contest.


To locate asteroid 1862 Apollo, head over to and input the number in the asteroid/hypothetical planet section. Keep your orbs to 1 degree and aspects to conjunctions, squares and oppositions.

In your natal chart, Apollo symbolizes musical or creative talent with an attitude that is fairly, sex and rock’n’roll. There is a natural grace here and elegance, with the desire to broaden one’s horizons. With this energy, you desire to live life, and love, to the fullest. I am not convinced of the homosexual/bisexual predisposition linked here with the crossing of the Venus and Mars orbit and the mentions in the Myth. Studying three homosexual artists revealed zero Apollo connection so scratch that.

I would use Apollo as an indication of a complete lack of bias regarding lovers, where connection is made solely on attraction alone. Apollo relationships experience no gender or type preference, so many ‘unusual’ forms of attractions and relations would eventuate from this energy.

One would need to be aware with an intense Apollo influence of falling in love with love alone, frequently attracting the type who lack the desire for commitment, or being this sort of individual themselves. It would indicate a predisposition for short time love affairs and a lack of ability to last through intense times when reality does filter through the rush of initial attraction.

There is also jealousy indicated with Apollo. The attitude of not wanting the individual on a permanent basis, but not wanting the individual to be with anyone else. In the story of Coronis, on discovering that she was pregnant to another, Apollo ordered his sister to slay her because he could not bring himself to perform the deed. In your natal chart, you find this unnatural possessiveness and vengeful nature by past lovers. This would be particularly interesting to monitor via transit when past lovers take a ‘stalker like approach’ or become particularly negative and possessive after a break up.

In general, this is a peace loving influence, preferring the eternal party and the withdrawal from the competitive world. However, there is a strong ego here and once crossed with criticism, or love is denied when interest has been expressed, the darker side of revenge and ruthlessness is revealed. Also, aspects to Apollo would indicate a heightened intuitive gift with an ability to be very in tune with predictions of a futuristic nature. You will protect the right to believe in the unseen and are more drawn to the ancient arts of prophecy than many others.


Artwork – John William Waterhouse
© Karen Piscitelli


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