Asteroid 174 Phaedra


Asteroid 174 Phaedra is a large main belt asteroid, that was discovered by James Craig Watson on September 2, 1877. Asteroid Phaedra takes 4.7 years to orbit the Sun.


In Ancient Greek mythology, Phaedra is the wife of Theseus, who fell in love with his son, Hippolytus. In one tale, Hippolytus refuses Aphrodite’s affections, wanting to remain a virginal devotee of Artemis. Aphrodite then waggles her magical finger, causing Phaedra to fall in love with him. Due to his vow, he obviously rejects Phaedra’s advances and unhappy by this rejection, Phaedra then writes a letter to Theseus, claiming that Hippolytus had in fact raped her. Believing her tale, Theseus releases a curse given to him by Poseidon, which causes Hippolytus horses to be spooked by a sea monster, thus dragging him to his death. In one alternative version of this myth. Phaedra commits suicide after Theseus kills his son.


To locate asteroid 174 Phaedra in your natal chart, head over to or and input the numbers 174. Keep your orbs tight, within 1-2 degrees and your apsects major – conjunction, square, opposition, trine and quincunx.

In your natal chart, Phaedra is a place of fidelity and a possible predisposition for extra-marital affairs. It is also quite a telling marker regards indiscretions becoming public property. With natal Phaedra in aspect, the individual in question experiences some level of emotional distance within committed relationships.

It was no surprise to discover that Angelina Jolie with her ‘man-eater’ bio, experiences a quincunx between Uranus and natal Phaedra, also heightened with an exact sextile to her natal Venus. Pamela Anderson Lee experiences Phaedra in exact conjunction to natal Venus in the 3rd House, which explains that sexual video expose, documented by her then husband no less. Sandra Bullock unfortunately experiences Phaedra retrograde in Pisces (affairs would be very hidden for her, especially with her Leo Sun wanting to believe the best in people) in conjunction to her natal Chiron. Michael Douglas, the once confessed and now reformed sex-addict, experiences Phaedra in Sagittarius in trine to his Leo MC. Tiger Woods, who ran out of fingers on which to count his extra-marital lovers, experiences natal Phaedra in Gemini, in conjunction to his Mars. Madonna, with her blatantly open views regards sex and sexuality, experiences Phaedra conjunct Jupiter in Libra. Charlie Sheen, well documented porn star lover and hopeless commitment phobe, experiences Phaedra in Gemini, trine Black Moon Lilith. Interestingly, good old Jack Nicholson, who has never hidden his desire to remain loyal to the pleasures of the flesh only, has no natal connections with Phaedra – whilst Hugh Hefner experiences a parallel with his natal Aries Sun.

Phaedra indicates relationship concerns in the natal chart. In aspect, the individual can push their emotional needs and loss to the side, and bury it beneath unusual sexual practices, sex addiction, commitment issues, and pattern repetition regards unfaithful partners. It is essential to delve into deeper causes here – study luminary and planetary aspects to the Moon, Venus, Mars, Pluto, Neptune and Black Moon Lilith – to uncover the root source of this concern.

As proven by Michael Douglas, who by all accounts seems to have found relationship contentment, concerns regards natal Phaedra can be rectified with acceptance and counselling.

Possible Keywords: commitment issues, infidelity, negative relationship patterns, sex addiction, using sex to avoid becoming emotionally attached


Artwork – Alexandre Cabanel
© Karen Piscitelli


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