Asteroid 14 Irene


Asteroid 14 Irene is a large main belt asteroid discovered on May 19, 1851 by J. R Hind. Irene takes just over four years to orbit the Sun, spending three to four months in each sign, orbit and retrograde dependent.


Irene, or Eirene in Greek mythology, was the Goddess of Peace. Said to be the daughter of Zeus and Themis, Irene is one of the Horae, or Goddess of the Seasons, symbolic personifications for order in general and natural justice. After a successful victory at sea, a worshipping cult was set up in honour of Irene, and her icons were created with her holding a cornucopia (meaning plenty), a sceptre and a torch.

To quote wiki regards a famous statue created by the Romans in her honour:-

Although the statue is now lost, it was copied in marble by the Romans; one of the best surviving copies (right) is in the Munich Glyptothek. It depicts the goddess carrying a child with her left arm – Ploutos, the god of plenty and son of Demeter, the goddess of agriculture.

Eirene’s missing right hand once held a sceptre. She is shown gazing maternally at Ploutos, who is looking back at her trustingly. The statue is an allegory for Plenty (Ploutos) prospering under the protection of Peace (Eirene); it constituted a public appeal to good sense.

At the time of her naming, it is stated that highly regarded and extremely respected astronomer and inventor, Sir John Herschel suggested the name to John Hind, her discoverer. To again quote wiki:

You will readily discover that this name […] has some relation to this event (the Great Industrial Exhibition) which is now filling our metropolis [London] with the talent of all civilised nations, with those of Peace, the productions of Art and Science, in which all mankind must feel an interest.

The Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations in the Crystal Palace of Hyde Park, London, ran from May 1 until October 18, 1851.

Hind suggested that the symbol for the asteroid should be “A dove carrying an olive-branch, with a star on its head”, but an actual drawing of the symbol was never made before the use of graphical symbols to represent asteroids was dropped entirely.


To locate asteroid 14 Irene in your natal chart, head over to serennu or and input the number 14. Keep your orbs tight, within 1 to 2 degrees, and your aspects major – conjunction, square, opposition, trine and quincunx.

In your natal chart, asteroid 14 Irene is an area in your chart that seeks peace, and a place that expresses temper at the frustrations found as you endeavour to achieve it.

House position and rulership are like clockwork in telling the story regards an individuals search for personal nirvana. Elton John, who is renowned for his public outbursts, experiences asteroid Irene in his Capricorn 6th House of daily affairs. Charlie Sheen experiences asteroid Irene in his Taurus 12th House, in direct opposition to Mars in Scorpio and he is renowned for his bad boy behaviour with prostitutes and his addictions. Mel Gibson, with his 7th House placed asteroid Irene ruled by Capricorn, has been publicly outed as abusive within his partnerships and what he considers personal enemies to his belief system.

Much troubled Whitney Houston experiences asteroid Irene in her Libra 8th House in direct opposition to her Aries Moon. This is a tough placement and can explain much of her self abusive nature regards drugs and heavy relationships. Ana Nicole Smith also experienced an 8th House asteroid Irene, but Scorpio ruled and at 29 degrees! Overall, those with 8th/12th House placements for Irene, seem to experience some level of addiction – be it drugs, alcohol or abusive partnerships.

In transit, it seems that peace is tough to find when Irene is activated, with those having asteroid Irene in aspect within the natal chart, struggling the most. With no major aspects within the natal chart, asteroid Irene activated by transit can be expressed as an increase in bad temper and impatience levels.

Looking towards Ana Nicole Smith and her 8th House external financial experience with asteroid Irene, and we find that the month in which she met elderly oil tycoon John Marshall, Saturn had entered Aquarius and was pushing her to find an alternative path to peace with an out of sign sextile. She subsequently married the 89 year old, who died 18 months later. At the time of his death, The South Node in Aries was in quincunx to natal Irene, indicating she was heading back to independence, whilst Pluto sat in a 2 degree applying conjunction. What ensued was the beginning of her financial battles and a highly publicised inheritance battle that lingers on, well past her death.

In 1996, as Pluto moved over Scorpio ruled asteroid Irene. Smith filed for bankruptcy due to a judgement against her of sexual abuse of an employee. In September 2000, as Saturn moved into Gemini and was posited at 0 degrees, another out of sign aspect, this time an opposition – Ana Nicole Smith was awarded an incredible sum of money in the courts. However, in July 2001, when Black Moon Lilith moved into Aquarius and squared Irene, this decision was overturned and it was decided that she was to receive nothing.

What she was left with though, was a hefty legal bill, well over one million dollars. In March 2001, as Uranus in Aquarius moved in to a square with this asteroid, a court ordered that Ana Nicole be paid 88 million dollars. This is another decision which was later overturned, again stating that she was entitled to receive nothing in December 2004. This happened when Mars moved out of conjunction. Finally, on May 1st, 2006, after much ado, a decision was made in favour of her being able to pursue her inheritance once again, as Venus in Pisces moved into trine with natal Irene.


Artwork – copyright the original artist, who is unknown
© Karen Piscitelli


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