Asteroid 1181 Lilith

Firstly, asteroid Lilith is NOT to be confused with the hypothetical Black or Dark Moon Lilith, even though the mythology is the same.


Asteroid 1181 Lilith is a main belt asteroid, just outside of the Mars orbit. She was discovered on February 11th, 1927 (an Aquarius) by Benjamin Jekhowsky and takes just over four and a half years to orbit the Sun, spending around four months in each sign, orbit and retrograde dependent.


Lilith, is everywhere in mythology and is basically every excuse of evilness blamed on women and the cause of sexist repression that continues. In the Bible, she was Eve. In Mesopotamia, she was the night demon, interfering with women in their sleep, the cause of erotic dreams in men.

In Babylon, she was a prostitute of Ishtar, who had breasts that failed to produce milk – or the Hand of Innana, the beautiful, unmarried, seductive prostitute, roaming the fields and streets, preying on poor, innocent men. She was a succubus, the spreader of plagues, disease and human hardship, bearer of ill-will and bad tidings, stealer and killer of children *Etc etc insert the beginnings of sexism here* There is plenty of further reading to be done on Lilith if you wish to do so at your own leisure.


To locate asteroid 1181 Lilith in your natal chart, head over to and input the number 1181 in the additional objects field. Keep your aspects major – conjunction, square, opposition and your orbs tight, within 1 degree.

Asteroid Lilith in aspect within the natal chart, indicates a repression of the feminine spirit.

Case studies include:- Elizabeth Barret Browning who experienced asteroid Lilith conjunct natal Saturn, this is classic regards Saturn and the paternal. Farah Fawcett who experienced Lilith conjunct Mars, Olivia Newton John with Lilith conjunct Venus and Anna Nicole Smith who experienced asteroid Lilith conjunct her natal Sun.

In all of these instances, you have a classic depiction of the fragile feminine, with strong elements of male domination somewhere in their lives – despite their public levels of individual achievement and success. I do have the future intention of completing full asteroid case studies on these four women as they are fascinating expressions of the natal asteroid influences.

In your natal chart, aspects to Lilith indicate an area in your chart where there is the natural predisposition for suppression and sexism.

In these noted cases, whilst romantic love is eventually found in the chart of Elizabeth Browning (a gorgeous expression of Cupido) in the realms of the remaining male agenda – there is the repressive paternal and the eternal guilt over the death of her brother. There was also later public conjecture regarding her work, yet again by external males, as to who was influencing whose work after she married Robert Browning. There was also major fragility in the health arena, something she suffered her entire life. With Olivia Newton John, yet again, there are health concerns and whilst there is definitely happiness within connections, she has experienced more than her fair share of emotional repression, especially in the incidence of the mysterious disappearance of Patrick McDermott.

If these case studies have felt the inner compulsion to express the darker side of the psyche, well known with Black Moon Lilith, it has failed to find a means of expression that has been publicly noted. The suppression appears to run extremely deep, ultimately affecting the overall physical health if some level of creative, emotionally essential expression is not found. It seems that the individual with a natal aspect to Lilith MUST find a productive and non-self-destructive expression of their natural talents, outside of the personal relationship realm.

In the instance of the feminine rights activist Germaine Greer for instance, who freely expresses her opinions regarding feminine repression, whilst Black Moon Lilith is a strong influence in her 1st House, asteroid Lilith lies completely dormant. Perhaps it can be hypothesized that those with natal asteroid Lilith in aspect will assume a more traditional feminine role within their relationships, be more accepting of it in general and rather than stand defiant, rebel, become insistent within their romantic/parental/life connections – this part is denied, if personally accepted at all.

In transit, asteroid Lilith indicates a time when co-existence feathers are ruffled. Inequality within connections is more noticeable than usual and there is a strong desire to be noticed for one’s individuality and talents. Conflict within relations can easily occur in the instance where emotional soul needs are not being met and there is resistance experienced where one individual aims to dominate the level of their importance over that of another. There is the strong desire to connect on the deepest of levels with asteroid Lilith, but an even stronger desire to be accepted as an independent individual.


Artwork – Dante Gabriel Rosetti
© Karen Piscitelli


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