Asteroid 114 Kassandra


Asteroid 114 Kassandra, is a dark main belt asteroid (Mars/Jupiter) discovered on July 23, 1871 by Christian Heinrich Friedrich Peters.  Taking just over two and half years to orbit the Sun, she spends roughly two months in each sign, retrograde dependent.


Kassandra, the daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba of Troy, was a beautiful princess, granted the gift of foresight by the God Apollo who fell for her beauty and desired her for himself.  When she refused to return the affections of Apollo, he laid a curse on her that no one would ever believe her predictions.  It was a tragic blow for Kassandra and the beginning of the tragedy that was to be the remainder of her existence. She had visions of the Trojan horse, the destruction of the city and even more devastating, the returning of Hektor’s body to the castle – but not one soul listened. At the onset of the Trojan invasion, Kassandra hid away in the temple of Apollo, only to be abducted and raped by Ajax the Lesser, then taken to King Agamemnon to be his consort.  It was here that she met her death amidst a planned murder by the wife of King Agamemnon and her lover. What a horrid tale!



To locate asteroid 114 Kassandra in your natal chart, head over to and input the number 114 in the additional objects field. Keep your aspects major – conjunction, square, opposition and your orbs tight, within 1 degree.

In your natal chart, Kassandra indicates strong ‘psychic’ abilities. As one knows, the life of a psychic, especially in public, is one that is dogged by firm criticism due to the collectives somewhat skeptical viewpoint of mystical happenings.  Whilst this would not be a signature archetype for psychic abilities, it could signify harsh resistance to any form of intuitive message the Kassandra individual experiences. No doubt the individual with Kassandra in aspect within the natal chart will choose one of two ways of operation with their intuitive gifts. They will either face the public front on, as in the case studies of Sylvia Browne who has Kassandra parallel Venus and opposing Vesta, and Allison DuBois who experiences Kassandra parallel Juno.  Both are high profile professional psychics who face an onslaught of public criticism, yet both continue, regardless. The other possibility for the Kassandra individual is denial. They will be tired of the ignorance expressed from those around them and lose confidence in their inner voice. Eventually, they can fail to follow their own intuitive instincts completely.

Regarding tragic love affairs, this is also strongly supported by case study.  Farrah Fawcett has Kassandra opposing Neptune in Libra, whilst Olivia Newton John experiences Kassandra conjunct her Libra Sun. If natal Kassandra aspects in your natal chart, love affairs often have strong and tragic consequences.  You would experience attractions to dominating others and find yourself lost in how to remove yourself from the connection. There will be elements of guilt attached to these attentions, no doubt set in action by words from the other party. You would not feel good enough for this person and they would make sure of that from the onset. In general, it will be the other party who ends the relationship, simply due to the fact that the charm would be full steam ahead at anytime they could feel you separating from them. Here, yet again, there would be natural intuition regarding the health of this connection, which is no doubt ignored as the other, sweeps you off your feet.

In transit, Kassandra indicates instincts that should not be ignored. It also indicates a time when attractions have an element of ‘domination’ attached to them. Romantically, I would avoid new attractions at all costs when Kassandra is active. There is simply too much to lose with a less than favourable other. Here, you can be literally, swept away by the surface beauty of the moment, totally ignoring the inner word of warning. Not good. Nothing positive came out of Kassandra’s connection with Apollo and it ultimately destroyed her. Keep that in mind if someone hot and handy gives you that naughty wink.

Possible Keywords: intuition, ignored intuition, psychic talents not accepted by others, tragic love connections, dramatic relations, intimate others not paying attention to your needs, unbalanced relations, vengeful partners, instinct gone wrong, swept away by surface beauty


Artwork – Evelyn De Morgan
© Karen Piscitelli


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