Asteroid 113 Amalthea


Asteroid 113 Amalthea is a main belt asteroid discovered on March 12 1871 by Karl Theodor and Robert Luther. Taking just over three and a half years to orbit the Sun, Amalthea spends two, three to four months in a sign – orbit and retrograde dependent.


In Ancient Greek mythology, Amalthea is known as the ‘tender Goddess’ and is the one most mentioned as the foster mother of the sequestered Zeus. It is not clear whether Amalthea is a goat, or a woman who has a goat, as that fact varies through various interpretation. One common theme is that of the cornucopia, or Horn of Amalthea, yet, how it came to be has numerous possibilities. Some say that Zeus snapped off the horn and gave it to Amalthea with the promise that she would always be in abundance of whatever she needed. Other variations state that Amalthea herself presented Zeus with the horn of the sacred goat, filled with flowers and fruits. Basically, the Horn of Amalthea became the tag name for any fertile harvesting region and also became synonymous for limitless abundance.

Other relevance regards Amalthea comes from that of her, or her goats skin. It is stated that Zeus gathers the skin and forms the Aegis, the protective shield of the Olympic Gods, which is mentioned in numerous myths.


To locate asteroid 113 Amalthea in your natal chart, head over to or and input the number 113. Keep your aspects major:- conjunction, square, opposition, trine and quincunx, and your orbs tight – within 1-2 degrees.

In your natal chart, Amalthea is a place of prosperity and limitless abundance. One can surmise that the intention of this natural energy flow is akin to what is recognised as the most positive of Neptune and Pisces in the natal chart. Unlike the ‘luck’ asteroids, such as Tyche and Foruna, where the outcome can be debatable as lucky – there are no negatives attached to Amalthea. It is a place of blessing, appreciation, generosity and pure love.

Obviously, aspects to Amalthea will be telling in how this raw beauty is torn apart in real life.

Let’s look at rulership in the first instance, which will be telling regards the source of this abundance. You can also align the sign rulership meaning with that of the relevent house position.

Aries – ambition and drive to achieve love and abundance above all else

Taurus – abundance regards personal wealth, nurturing and stamina to achieve goals without jealousy or ego

Gemini – learning, sharing and communication skills that are loving and devoted to a cause, most happy with an active social circle

Cancer – home, extremely nurturing, low expectations of others and high abilities to achieve security for the home

Leo – happiness and creativity in bucket loads, gifted with children

Virgo – very talented regards health, science and natural cause, sharing this knowledge with others

Libra – relationships, design and assisting others regards human interaction

Scorpio – deep understanding of metaphysics, psychology and the depths of passion

Sagittarius – happiest when exploring legalities, publication, travel and culture

Capricorn – always exploring business avenues, dedicated to their intimate network and the support of others

Aquarius – having a broader message and focused on spreading that message, working the group and taking skills to the utmost level

Pisces – dream intensity, ultimate forgiveness and deepest higher connection.

Aspects to Amalthea will affect the natural flow of her potential. Conjunctions in the natal chart will blend her energy with the entity that is connected. For instance:- The Moon conjunct Amalthea will indicate heightened lunar influences. This can be a positive regards empathetic compassion, but a negative regards separating your mood from that of the environment around you. Squares indicate challenges, oppositions indicate continual forcing of those around you when the aspect is activated,  trines equate to an easement – positive or a negative, and the quincunx indicate that it is a delicate balance of appeasing the connecting energy, so that the beautiful nature of Amalthea can find her expression.

Also consider the natal placement of the ruler of Amalthea and relevent aspects, as further understanding of hurdles to opening this energy of pure abundance.

Transits to/ or from Amalthea, indicate a time where you are being challenged, forced or united with the ability to tap into this vibrant field of possibility.


Artwork – Gian Lorenzo Bernini
© Karen Piscitelli


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