Asteroid 10 Hygeia


Asteroid 10 Hygeia is a main belt asteroid, discovered by A. De Gasparis on April 12th, 1849. Taking just over five and half years to orbit the Sun, Hygiea spends roughly six months in each sign, orbit and retrograde dependent.


In Greek and Roman mythology, Hygieia was the daughter of the God of Medicine, Aesclepius., and was the personification of health, cleanliness and sanitation. She is not noted as being a ‘healer’ as such, but a Goddess who assists the in the prevention of ill health and the continuation of good health.


To locate asteroid Hygeia in your natal chart, head over to or and input the number 10. Keep your aspects major – conjunction, sextile, square, trine, quincunx and opposition and your orbs tight, within 1-2 degrees.

In the natal chart, asteroid Hygeia indicates your approach to health, cleanliness and sanitation, with the desire for perfection also being highlighted. Out of 16 celebrities studied, 11 experience/d asteroid Hygeia within an angular house, (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th),  further highlighting the perfection seeking qualities of this asteroid.

Bruce Lee is an interesting example of natal Hygeia. With natal Hygeia posited in his Pisces 4th House, conjunct the 3rd House cusp, it is of no surprise that he was a philosopher and film maker, quite keen on getting his messages about life and human perfection out into the world. Natal Hygeia was in sextile to Uranus in his Taurus 6th House, providing him with an intense focus and insight into natural health and well being. Whilst he also experienced a trine to Scorpio ruled Ceres in the 12th House, indicating a hidden instinct regards physical and clinical nurturing.

On the day of his death, transiting Hygeia (health) was in direct square to his natal Uranus in Taurus and natal Ceres in Scorpio 12th House. There was dispute about the cause of his death, with Neptune also conjunct his natal Sagittarius Sun. But the only toxicology to be found were traces of a headache tablet that he had taken earlier in the day. Perhaps Ceres in the 12th House was the key to the hidden allergic possibility to the muscle relaxant found within the headache medication, and it took that particular Neptune/Sun transit to unlock it. It should also be noted that the transiting Taurus Sun was conjunct his natal Astraea, Pluto was retrograding in an applying opposition to his 4th House Aries Point, transiting Pallas (mind) was conjunct natal Venus and Mars, and transiting Chiron had come to give peace in a conjunction to his natal Black Moon Lilith.

Transits from, or to Hygeia, will indicate times where your health and fitness become a priority due to illness or injury, you experience an actual health concerns such as disease or a major condition, or there is a heightened desire to improve your overall health. Times of transition are fantastic for starting new eating and exercise regimes, or fine-tuning the preventative medical approach. However, the perfection seeking element of Hygeia cannot be ignored and you would need to be wary of over-extending your energy, and attaching yourself to fanatical diet or exercise plans that can ultimately be more dangerous to your long term well-being.

Keywords:- health, preventative health practice, natural therapies, exercise, diet, disease, perfection seeking, look for behavioural patterns such as OCD and the like, sensitivities


Artwork – Peter Paul Rubens
© Karen Piscitelli


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