Black Moon Lilith

Demoness, witch child killer, night creature, these are all names given to the first wife of Adam. Made from dust, which some say was deemed impure, yet Lilith claims was the same as Adam, Lilith stood defiant before her chosen mate, refusing to be subservient. There are numerous mentions of Lilith throughout history, and whilst many have been rejected by certain scholars, there is the general understanding through all of the myths and religious teachings, that Lilith is associated with personal feelings of worth and how one can be disrespected and rejected, by those in the external.

In astrology, there are four Liliths to consider- Black Moon Lilith, either mean or true, Dark Moon Lilith, and asteroid Lilith. Black Moon Lilith is the most commonly recognised of the Liliths, and is a hypothetical point, much like the Vertex, or Ascendant. As the Moon moves around the Earth in an elliptical shape, this hypothetical focal point, or void, is found at the place where her orbit is furthest from the Earth. Black Moon Lilith can have an erratic orbit, experiencing a variance of up to 30 degrees, hence why there is a mean, or a true node. I work with the mean node, but many astrologers choose to work within the space formed between the mean and true position of Black Moon Lilith, classifying those degrees as a corridor. Then there is Dark Moon Lilith, the possible dark lunar object that is noted as being spotted, but has never been proven, and there is asteroid Lilith.

For this article, I will discuss Black Moon Lilith and asteroid Lilith, which gift the same intensity of challenge and potential for drama within the natal chart, or during a transit as each other. When Black Moon Lilith or asteroid Lilith activates a point in your chart, you will find yourself dealing with external challenges which can often involve difficult feminine energy, such as the maternal or an individual who carries similar traits or a similar story to your maternal connection, or you will be dealing with a dominating and masochistic masculine energy. Lilith carries a very strong Neptunian vibration, with much of her deeper intention remaining hidden until circumstance demands her attention. Transits to Lilith from Neptune in particular, can indicate a time where you can lose yourself completely within destructive, or abusive relationships or habits. Transits to Lilith can indicate times where dealings within the external can strip you of all confidence, and signal a time where old wound energy resurfaces due to repetitive abusive behaviour. Lilith denotes a point, or point in the chart where you will experience sexism, degradation, abuse and rejection behaviours that will continue to affect you in a negative way until you grow into your own power.

Lilith sends you a challenge, and that is to own yourself and your experiences. Lilith is not interested in who did what to you, what she expects from you is strength, resilience and determination. There is no room within a Lilith transit for self-pity, or blame laying, as this sort of behaviour only seems to deepen feelings of self-loathing and low self-worth. Lilith transits expose weaknesses in your ego and your resolve, and show you blatantly where you are settling for much less than what you deserve. Independence and mutual respect are an expectation of Lilith energy, and until you respect yourself and expect the same level of treatment from those within your intimate sphere, she will not rest.

In transit, Lilith opens the door to difficult others, as if to challenge your present levels of self-esteem. Just when you feel that you have reached a level of personal satisfaction, and perhaps have even become a little complacent, negative contact with others will come, and literally take your breath away. The challenge with Lilith is always in how you choose to handle yourself in any and all of these given situations, and how you will allow these external negatives to shake your confidence and your feelings of self-love. Lilith aspires for you to stand strong, and to be confident and comfortable in your own skin, without making any apologies to the external. Whilst she does not inspire the ill-treatment of others, her contentment lies in your rising above the shadow behaviour of negative others, and with your remaining true within your own values. Lilith demands that you protect your boundaries from draining others, and that you align yourself with those who are respectful of these boundaries.

Whilst embracing your true Lilith power wont make you immune to negative attacks, what it will do is assist you in dealing with these issues. Where once the opinion or feedback from another would cripple you, and influence you in a life changing way, you will find that you are more able to genuinely brush these situations to the side and move on. Embracing your Lilith power can seem somewhat self-righteous and unusually self-involved, yet it is an absolute essential for those who experience harsh squares, or intense oppositions and conjunctions with their natal Liliths. These individuals are often prey for the negatively aligned, and are often on the receiving end of their abusive and demeaning behaviours.

Lilith instills strength through challenge, and through the struggles brought about by her influence, you grow into the true and honest beauty that is you. There is no falsehood with Lilith energy, no facade, and no fake platitude. With an activated Lilith, you are forced through lifes experiences to grow into your skin and to separate yourself from traditional expectation and past views on self. Lilith will force you to accept where you have allowed yourself to be lesser, and where you have allowed others to mistreat you. Whilst her energy is not comforting and whilst midst transition, can be far from pleasant, she leaves you with the growing need for self-improvement and to be accepted as you are, flaws and all.

Art John Collier

© Karen Piscitelli


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