Asteroid 80 Sappho


Asteroid 80 Sappho, is a large main belt (Mars/Jupiter) asteroid, discovered on May 2nd, 1864 (a Taurus) by Norman Pogson. Sappho takes around three and a half years to orbit the Sun, spending just over three months in each sign, retrograde dependent.


In Ancient Greece, Sappho was an aristocrat and great poet, who lived on the isle of Lesbos, teaching and exploring the world of writing. She was classified as a lyricist, one who mixed great prose with that of the magic of music and dance. It is stated that she would read the most beautiful of poems to the tune of the lyre. Sadly, it has been difficult for historians and translators to work through the papyrus’s that have been found of her writing, but from what they have restored, Sappho wrote about young love. Born in a time where it has been somewhat assumed that there was mutual love shared between the sexes without the prejudices of modern day living, Sappho’s work often denoted her feelings towards other women, and mentions of male love towards another. Her work was sensual and often tragic, detailing the emotional roller coaster that is romantic connection.


To locate asteroid 80 Sappho in your natal chart, head over to and input the number in the additional objects field. Keep your aspects major – conjunction, square, opposition and your orbs tight, within 1 degree.

Sappho in the natal chart indicates a great brilliance with the written word and a deep understanding of the romantic soul. Whilst it could be an indicator of homosexuality, it is no doubt more expressed as an honest respect for another’s sexual rights and a refusal to comply to others prejudiced point of views.

Those with Sappho in tight aspect are no doubt prone to experiencing the depths of emotional highs and despair regarding romantic unions. Some people seem to just plod in relations, others seem to change relations more than their underwear without forming an attachment, whilst the Sappho individual will fall from the highs of mad love, to the lows of heartbreak, in a blink of an eye.

With Sappho in the natal chart, you find a strong womens rights advocate, as well as an individual whose life dissolves into the world of prose. One can imagine that listening to a Sappho individual relate a tale of life, is to experience a journey into a beautiful, unique and descriptive world.

The Sappho individual is extremely individual, and is passionate, with a strong devotion to equality and artistic expression.

For those who are artistically driven, a Sappho transit calls you to focus on the poetic flow of life. Draw on the highs and lows as inspiration and allow self expression without any fear of negative ramifications caused by others judgments.

Possible Keywords:- equality, homosexuality, lover of romance, writer, poet, song writer, composer, activist, swept away by a romantic ideal, creative spirit, creative blockage, need to be authentic in love and sex

Image:- Petrich


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