Asteroid 46 Hestia


Asteroid 46 Hestia is a large, main belt asteroid discovered August 16th, 1957 by N.R. Pogson. Taking just over four years to orbit the Sun, she spends around two months in each sign, with lengthy retrogrades through Taurus and Virgo, at least until 2016.


In Ancient Greek mythology, Hestia is the equivalent to that of Vesta, the sacrificial flame of home and hearth. The daughter of Cronus and Rhea, Hestia was one of the first original Olympian Goddesses, along with her sisters, Demeter and Hera. Also sister to the great Gods, Zeus, Poseidon and Hades, she turned away from the more violent tasks of the Olympians, even giving her seat on the counsel to the new arrival, Dionysus. Having been swallowed first by Cronus, but rescued last by Zeus, Hestia lives with the paradox of being the oldest but the youngest of the Olympian regime and is the first of all the deities to receive an offering at sacrificial rituals.

Despite the flirtatious interests of both Poseidon and Apollo, Hestia was steadfast in her decision to remain a virgin – even defying the meddling of the love-focused Aphrodite. Her devotion to her role as the sacred heart of the home was so well respected, that no domestic home or township went without a public temple equipped with a protected flame that was never to be extinguished, unless in ritual.

It was Hestia’s desire that the home be a place of love and respect, that the guest or resident would live and relax, surrounded by warmth and nurturing. She does not roam, nor does she have any adventures to her name and she is no doubt the modern mythological symbol to what has always been for mankind- the sanctity and safety that is home.



To locate asteroid 46 Hestia, head over to or Keep your orbs tight, within 1-2 degrees.

In your natal chart, Hestia symbolizes the importance of the home and the sacrifices one will make regards the intimate environment. Rulership and placement of Hestia’s ruler will be telling regards your personal approach to family, home and cultural traditions. For instance, the masculine rulership of the Sun, Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto may struggle with natal Hestia, experiencing power struggles in intimate relations or feel out of sync, even resentful of the sacrificial requirement of this influence. Venus and the Moon rulerships are fairly cliched and will no doubt feel the most comfortable with their natal Hestia and the sacrifices that are essential at times. Whilst Mercury and Neptune ruled Hestia’s could find it a sincere struggle to build boundaries within the home and intimate sphere.

In transit, activation of natal Hestia – or her activation of a natal influence, indicates a time of sacrificial evaluation, and possible upheaval of the intimate environment.

Remember, whilst her dedication is noble, her life had no adventure and aspects to natal Hestia will unravel the challenges and obstacles set forth by those around you as you endeavor to make your home environment, safe, sacred an well mannered.

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Artwork – copyright the original artist, who is unknown
© Karen Piscitelli


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