Asteroid 388 Charybdis & Asteroid 155 Scylla


Asteroid 388 Charybdis is a very large main belt asteroid, discovered on March 7th, 1894 by Auguste Charlois. Taking nearly five and a half years to orbit the Sun, spending around five to six months in a sign, orbit and retrograde dependent.

Asteroid 155 Scylla is a main belt asteroid, discovered on November 8th, 1975 by Johann Palisa. Taking just under five years to orbit the Sun, Scylla spends around four to five months in a sign, orbit and retrograde dependent.


As the daughter of Poseidon and Gaia, Charybdis was a beautiful sea nymph who was intensely loyal to her father in his battle against Zeus. Riding his massive, crashing waves of destruction as they surged towards Zeus’s territory, Charybdis would gobble up the land with glee. Furious, Zeus eventually turned the beautiful nymph into a writhing, seething whirlpool of destruction.

Scylla, to quote wiki:-

Scylla was a horrible sea monster with six long necks equipped with grisly heads, each of which contained three rows of sharp teeth. Her body consisted of twelve tentacle-like legs and a cat’s tail and with four to six dog-heads ringing her waist. She was one of the children of Phorcys and either Hecate, Crataeis, Lamia or Ceto (all of whom may be various names for the same goddess). Some sources, including Stesichorus cite her parents as Triton and Lamia.

Toted as numerous physical location around the Italian coast, much of this mythology – apart from dangerous waters for sea farers – has become known as being ’stuck between a rock and a hard place.’


To locate asteroids 388 Charybdis and 155 Scylla, head over to or Keep your aspects major:- conjunction, opposition, square or trine, and your orbs tight, within 1-2 degrees.

This is a fascinating asteroid set, that has a strong impact in both personal and mundane astrology.  Charybdis is presently retrograde and heading back to those exact degree points, and Pluto. Does it mean impending earthquakes? Occuring around the time of a total solar eclipse and with the Cardinal crisis, it would be naive to not accept that the next few months are going to see some very intense earth/plane crash/disaster/crisis action. Interestingly enough, asteroid Scylla was retrograde and parallel to Neptune – the energy long equated to earthquakes, volcanos and major earth/sea upset the last time Pluto and Charybdis met in conjunction.

In the natal chart, affects of these asteroids are particularly strong and prominent when in aspect. This indicates a continual challenge in life regards intimate relations or habitual emotional pattern behaviour. For instance:- Ana Nicole Smith experienced Charybdis oppose Black Moon Lilith where much of her feminine pride was indeed suppressed, yet she outwardly expressed her anger in boggling ways. Jack Nicholson, the lady loving commitment phobe, experiences Scylla, retrograde in Sagittarius forming a telling trine to Saturn. Charybdis in square to Eris, entices the imagination to who has been the meddling woman that completely turned him off settling down. Super talented, yet wasting away superstar, Whitney Houston has the most telling of these asteroids. Charybdis trine the Sun and the Moon, indicate that her set opinion and single minded approach, emotionally and egotistically, is a huge downfall. She just won’t listen and is her own ‘monster’ so to speak. Even Scylla is heavily in aspect – experiencing a trine to Jupiter (excess)  and the MC (bit full of herself), the opposition to Saturn completely struggles with the excessive input by Jupiter. Excess lines her both sides and it would take a literal mountain of willpower to walk the fine line between the challenges of these asteroids.

Regardless of Charybdis or Scylla being in aspect in your natal chart, it would still be wise to take note of their degree point and see what transpires at times when  you feel pushed into a real bind. Contemplate past times where you have felt literally ’stuck between a rock and a hard place’ and see if these two were active. Depending on which luminary or planet connects in aspect to these asteroids, is how their effect will play out in your daily living.

Possible Keywords:- earthquake, cyclone, hurricane, landslide, volcano, whirlpool, lost at sea, ocean tragedy, drowning, difficult emotional relationships. negative behaviour patterns, strong addictions, difficult life pockets where decisions are close to impossible, pushed to defeat, surrounded by harsh humanity, negative human input regardless of your efforts


Artwork – Pinkparasol
© Karen Piscitelli


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