Asteroid 248 Lameia


Asteroid 248 Lameia is a main belt asteroid discovered on June 5th, 1885 by Johanna Palisa. Taking just under four years to orbit the Sun, Lameia spends around three to four months in a sign, orbit and retrograde dependent.


In Ancient Greece, Lamia was the original, baby-slaying /hot-young-male-blood-draining succubus. I guess you could say that she was the first known vampire! Mythologically, Lamia was the beautiful Queen of Libya, and granddaughter of Poseidon and Lybie. Being seduced and bearing children to Zeus, was never a wise move in those days, with Hera and her raging jealousy. Subsequently, Hera took it upon herself to kill Lamia’s children. Consumed by grief, it is said that Lamia then went off to slay the children of others.

It is this tale that then became an urban legend so to speak. Mothers around Europe would threaten their children with Lamia as punishment for good behaviour and the grotesqueness of her nature grew. Later tales have her seducing young males, to then drain them completely of their blood. She became the namesake reasoning behind the sudden death of infants and the seductress excuse for males who would stray from their wives.


To locate asteroid 248 Lameia in your natal chart, head over to or Keep your orbs tight, within 1-2 degrees and your aspects major – conjunction, square, opposition, trine and opposition.

In your natal chart, Lamia can indicate a place where jealousy, especially between females reigns supreme.  As a woman, you will find jealousy amongst peers and as a male, find yourself entangled with females who have possessiveness issues. You can find yourself both prey and party to this level of behaviour when Lameia is in aspect within the natal chart, or activated by transit. House placement will be a key element of understanding the possible jealousy expression problems with others.

Regards children, Lameia could indicate still-birth/miscarriage but would have to be studied to be verified, and possible difficulties with pregnancy and childbirth. It can also not be ignored that this asteroid may also carry pertinent information regards post natal depression and one’s ability to bounce back after harsh experiences during the birthing process. Basic natal aspects to asteroid Lameia could also be revealing regards ones desires to have, or not have children – perhaps even their overall attitude to little ones in general.

On the positive upswing, one can find that transits to or from asteroid Lameia bring about pleasing results regards children and/or unions formed between women. Perhaps whilst in natal aspect, you have the indication of a long term concern, whilst in transit, Lameia’s perpetual ‘grief’ is eased via real life situations and personal soul growth.

In transit, Lameia can also be symbolic for the ‘one night stand’. Those times, or time, where you have sort out the physical companionship as either a means of revenge, or out of pure loneliness. It suggests a deep level of detachment and anger directed towards the opposite sex – so would not be denoted as a positive expression of ones sexuality.

Another consideration is the ‘vampire’ element. How many times have you been physically, emotionally and spiritually DRAINED by others? If you had a penny?? Asteroid 248 Lameia indicates a place in the natal chart where you are prone to meeting ‘draining’ others. Yet again, house placement will be the easiest navigation to the possibility of where these people come from, and rulership also will guide you to understanding how this influence will be expressed.


Possible Keywords:- childbirth difficulties, stillbirth, sudden infant death syndrome, miscarriage, resentment regards difficult birthing, post natal depression, jealousy, possessiveness, on the receiving end of harsh retribution from others, prone to attracting draining individuals, psychic vampire warning zone


Artwork – copyright the original artist, who is unknown
© Karen Piscitelli


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