Asteroid 24 Themis


Asteroid 24 Themis is one of the largest of the main belt asteroids and is also part of the Themis asteroid family, a group of objects sharing similar orbit behaviours in the same main belt pocket. Themis was discovered on April 5th, 1853 by Annibale de Gasparis and takes just over five years to orbit the Sun, spending around three to four months in each sign, retrograde and orbit dependent. Asteroid Themis was also recently in the news as being the first asteroid to have water substances on its surface.


In Ancient Greek mythology, Themis was the personification of divine order, law and custom. Themis looked over the righteous role within the family, and was also the ancient ruler of judges and meetings of proper procedure. Themis was a Goddess of Prophecy, one of, if not the original Oracle of Delphi. It is stated that Delphi was a gift to Themis from Gaia, which she then in turn bestowed to Phoebe (Diana, Selene). She was extremely well respected, even by the Olympic Gods and Goddesses – Hera even referring to her as Lady Themis. Even though a peaceful Goddess, completely without wrath – it is claimed that if her judgments were not carried out, Nemesis would sweep in to bring about a just resolution. Akin to the Roman Goddess, Astraea, Themis was a consort of Zeus, and was also connected with the Fates – Atropos, Clotho and Lachesis.



To locate asteroid 24 Themis, head over to or Keep your orbs tight, no larger than 1-2 degrees and your aspects major, conjunction, square, opposition and trine.

In your natal chart, asteroid Themis is another influence that indicates heightened, intuitive talents and ones judgmental nature. House placement, aspects and rulership will dictate how these talents are expressed.

When asteroid Themis is posited in, ruled by or in aspect to the Moon, Venus, Neptune, Uranus or Pluto – her energy will be expressed as heightened intuition.

When asteroid Themis is posited in, ruled by or in aspect to Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Sedna or Eris – her energy will be expressed as logic and process.

Asteroid Themis also indicates one possible interest in the broader group, an individual who enjoys being a part of the social community, or someone who prefers to be a loner.

Obviously, there will be cross over influences and this is a top indicator for when an individual can feel torn between their logic and intuition. One can perhaps wonder if Themis in transit connecting to a natal planet, is one of those times on reflection where you wished you had followed your first instinct. Even more so with the tale that Nemesis comes along when Themis desires are not fulfilled.

In transit, Themis can indicate times where dream and intuitive energy is heightened, or perhaps blocked. It will also indicate when there are judgmental individuals or situations in your surrounds, and perhaps even actual legal battles. One can also surmise that when Themis is activated by transit, holding true to tradition and societal order becomes more important that usual, or is the crux of a difficult situation.

Possible Keywords:- logic, scientific mindset, legal matters, legal interests, judges, lawyers, law and order, adhering to the rules, law breaker, community groups, local government councils, group leader, loner, social outcast, prophetic dreams, intuition, psychic, judgmental nature, critical nature


Artwork – Pat Brennan
© Karen Piscitelli


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