Asteroid 2212 Hephaistos/Hephaestus


Asteroid 2212 Hephaistos is an Apollo asteroid, discovered on September 27th, 1978 by Lyudmila Chernkh. He takes quite a few years to orbit the Sun, absolutely whizzing through the zodiac once he hits Cancer, but slowing to a crawl once he hits Aries, then bouncing about in retrogrades, going over and over Taurus and Gemini. At least, as far as 2015. Hephaistos does not leave this Gemini/Taurus/Aries retrograde phase until he enters Cancer mid 2014.


As the son of Zeus and Hera, Hephaestus was the God of volcanoes, technology, blacksmiths, sculptors, metals, and fire.  His Roman counterpart is none other than the great Vulcan, a hypothetical planet within the orbit of Mercury. Out of all of the Gods and Goddesses, it was Hephaestus that was born crippled in the feet and unattractive in appearance, which resulted in him being tossed from Mount Olympus in disgust by Hera. It was then left to Thetis and Eurynome to tend to him in an ocean cave. Despite his physical challenges, Hephaestus was a master-craftsman, responsible for each and every magically enchanted weapon, or object throughout Greek history.

One story states that he endeavored to seek revenge on Hera, by building her a magical throne of gold. But once she took a seat, she was never able to leave. The Gods of Olympus pleaded with Hephaestus to come and remove the curse, but he refused, stating that he had no mother. It took Dionysus and his wine to finally bring resolution to that situation.

One of the most documented tales of Hephaestus is his marriage to the beautiful Aphrodite, or Venus in the Roman world. Being the most trusted by Zeus, Hephaestus was given Aphrodite for marriage by the King of the Gods to cease the in-fighting between the other Gods for her hand in matrimony. It was an arranged marriage that infuriated Aphrodite, who could not stand being attached to such a physically, hideous man. The result of which was the notorious love affair she relished with Ares, the God of War. He did attempt to shame them once, ensnaring them in a tiny net and dragging them to Olympus. But the sight of the two naked rulers simply resulted in much laughter and mirth. Poseidon eventually persuading Hephaestus to set them free, which he did, returning Aphrodite back to Zeus. From there, he want on and fathered many children to numerous nymphs, minor Goddesses and mortals alike.


To locate natal Hephaestus, head over to and input the numbers 2212 into the additional objects field. Keep your orbs tight, within 1-2 degree.

In your natal chart, Hephaestus indicates numerous facets of the psyche and areas of creative talent. He indicates temper, with his connection to fire and volcanoes – and it would be remiss to not mention ambition, due to his dedication to his crafting skills. Talent wise, one would expect the sculptor to share an affinity with this asteroid, same for metal workers, and perhaps we should also include vulcanologists.

Asteroid Hephaestus may indicate rejection problems relating to the maternal, however, I have yet to locate any chart data to support this.

What is supported however, is the expression of ambition, natural talents and the area of your chart that will inspire volatile reaction, either within or or directed towards the external. Hephaestus concerns also encompass ones view of the physical self and how that is accepted by the external, and will also include the actual earning and learning curve within chosen forms of career expression.

Most will experience natal Hephaestus in the signs of Taurus, self worth, means of earning an income – or Gemini, the intimate sphere, learning and communications.

– House positioning of the asteroid will expose the talent

– House position of the ruler will indicate where it is best expressed

– What rules the natural house position will indicate hurdles and life lessons involved in mastering the craft.

Aspects to natal Hephaestus will obviously unravel more detail regards to the above.

Possible Keywords:- ambition, dedication, creative expression, natural talents, temper, volatility, career potential, earning desires, criticism of the physical self, feeling imperfect, learning difficulties, communications difficulties, feeling judged or ostracized for looks or career choices, surmounting feelings of inferiority, finding positive outlets for vengeful instincts


Artwork – copyright original artist, who is unknown

© Karen Piscitelli


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