Asteroid 221 Eos


Asteroid 221 Eos is a large main belt asteroid, discovered on January 18th, 1882 by Johann Palisa. Taking just over five years to orbit the Sun, she spends roughly five to six months in a sign, orbit and retrograde dependent.


In Ancient Greek mythology, Eos was the Goddess of the Dawn, and I do love how wiki has this worded:-the Titan goddess[1] of the dawn, who rose from her home at the edge of Oceanus, the Ocean that surrounds the world, to herald her brother Helios, the sun.

Eos was a beautiful Goddess, with rosy fingers that rode through the skies with Helios, or opened the doors to the heavens for Apollo. It is claimed that Aphrodite became so irate when she found Ares in the bed of Eos, that she cursed the Dawn Goddess with a ferocious attraction to young mortal men. Then it began, the numerous trysts and steamy affairs with many the Greek mortal and from this coupling, the North, the South and the West winds were born. It was one of her lover’s, Tithanus, where her tale takes an interesting twist. Pleading with Zeus that her new mortal love toy be granted immortality, like Endymion was given with Selene – she is dismayed when her gift is granted, yet she had forgotten to ask for eternal youth. Whilst Tithanos was granted immortality, he grew aged and withered, and when she became tired of nursing him, she locked him in her room where he transformed into a cicada.


To locate asteroid 221 Eos, head over to or Keep your orbs tight – within 1-2 degrees and your aspects major – conjunction, square, opposition and trine.

In your natal chart, Eos can indicate the obvious – an attraction to an alternative age bracket, such is the case with celebrities:- Woody Allen, who experiences Eos in trine to his Aries point, Demi Moore who experiences Eos square Eris and Patrick Swayze, who experienced Eos trine Ceres. However, there is quite a dark side to this influence as shown in the instances of Ian Brady and the Moors murders , who experienced Eos parallel natal Saturn. Myra Hindley, the female half of this horror story, experienced Eos square Jupiter whilst Fred West also experiences natal aspects with Eos – an opposition to Jupiter and squares to the Nodes.

Other considerations with Eos are the ageing process and just how gracefully an individual will choose to age. One can imagine that aspects and rulership would reveal interesting considerations regards this topic – whether an individual will become addicted to plastic surgery and the like, or be of the type that doesn’t even consider reaching for the hair dye.

In transit, activation of Eos can signal a literal ‘new dawn’. You can find that light begins to shine where there was only darkness, you discover information or feel revitalised after a tough spell. This one could also indicate a time when you feel an increased desire to improve the physical, so it could be another transit consideration when planning new diet and exercise regimes. The sexual component of this influence cannot be ignored as Eos was symbolic for passionate trysts, but was perhaps one of the least ‘maternal’ types. Activated by transit, Eos can symbolise a renewed passionate spark, a secret love tryst, a sexual based only relationship, or a fling with some from a much younger generation.

It must also be mentioned that when activated in transit, it would be wise to keep an extra eye on the kiddies in public places. It’s a healthy time to be paranoid.


Artwork – Evelyn De Morgan
© Karen Piscitelli


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