Asteroid 211 Isolda & Asteroid 1966 Tristan


Asteroid 211 Isolda is a large, main belt asteroid, discovered on December 1oth 1879 by Johann Palisa. Taking between six to seven years to orbit the Sun, Isolde spends six to seven months in each sign, orbit and retrograde dependent.

Asteroid 1966 Tristan is a main belt asteroid, discovered on September 24th, 1960 by a group of astronomers at Paloma University. Please access the link provided for their individual names. Tristan takes just over three years to orbit the Sun, spending roughly three to four months in each sign, retrograde and orbit dependent.


The romantic tragedy of the Cornish Knight, Tristan and his beloved Irish princess, Iseult – has been sighed over for generations.  You see, once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess who was destined to marry the King of a foreign land. Back in those days, marriages were often the gifted offering of peace and trouble had brewed through the Celtic world for quite some time. King Mark sent his nephew, Tristan, across land and sea to fetch to him his promised bride, Iseult. It is whispered that the young couple fell madly in love and partook of a love potion so that their passion would never die.

To share a life of love together was not to be. Iseult married King Mark and in the secrecy of darkened nights and the deception of spells, their love prospered through a torrid, passionate, and illegal affair. Rumours did rumble around the castle, but the love sick duo did whatever they could with their magical toolbox to keep their love well hidden from his uncle and her husband. Yet, as is karma and often fate, King Mark did learn of the affair and was livid. Punishment was set. Tristan was to be imprisoned and Iseult sent to reside on an island of leper’s. Yet Tristan escapes, and sweeping Iseult onto his horse, they dash to what is to be their freedom.

But alas, King Mark locates them deep within the forest. Shattered by their betrayal but still maintaining his compassionate dignity, he agrees to save them from death if Tristan leaves the country forever and Tristan returns with her King.

Tristan leaves Cornwall and meets a new love, marrying her due to her name Iseult, and her beauty. Their story continues, despite her continued marriage to the King and the addition of his new bride. Tristan becomes wounded and is dying. Pining for the love of his original Irish princess, he sends a messenger to collect her, convinced she is the only one who can save him. Legend states that if her ship returns toting white sails, she is coming to him, if the sails are black, then she is not. Iseult of the White Hands, his replacement bride, sees the white sails on the horizon and tells her husband that the sails are black. Believing that his one true love, Iseult, had received his message and obviously deserted him, he dies. Rushing to his death bed, a dismayed Iseult collapses and dies, also passing into the other realm with a broken and empty heart.



To locate asteroid 211 Isolda and asteroid 1966 Tristan in your natal chart, head over to or Keep your orbs reasonably tight and I already know you are using whatever aspects you desire

Tristan and Isolda are another area in your chart that indicate romantic desires and possibility. Akin to Psyche and Eros, Persephone and Hades, it is romantic legend that has spanned thousands of years, so the tale is obviously something the heart and psyche respond to.

In Isolda, you have love, passion, infidelity. The true instance where there can be a shared love for two people. King Mark is deemed a good man, and yes, whilst this mythology does predate King Arthur, it is extremely similar. Perhaps rulership is a strong indicator of this example. Without being too stereotypical, one could easily envisage that Gemini, Libra, Leo and Capricorn genuinely torn between two sincere love interests. This legend is not about relationship connection on a purely physical or sexual basis. It is a deep commitment to two people and a sincere division of love, the tearing of the deepest loyalties of all.

In Tristan, you have love, passion, fidelity, dedication and devotion. You also have heartbreak, defeat, broken loyalty and disappointment. Ultimately, Tristan married a replica of his true love, even down to the name! Perhaps Tristan represents the spot in your chart that is the indicator of your first love, or a lover where you never truly heal.

In transit, activation of natal Isolda and Tristan indicate romantic passion, love at first sight, new love, perhaps an affair if married, or romantic upheaval due to the involvement of a third party.

Other possibilities, when we consider the truth behind this romance, a token bride of peace, falling in love with who should be her husband really, on the journey to her fate – we can equate it to the modern rendition of falling in love with the garbage collector, but marrying the millionaire. Or, alternatively, it can still relate to those who endure cultures that still promote arranged marriages.

Possible Keywords:- love, passion, love at first sight, first love, love affair, fidelity, infidelity, cheating on spouse, manipulation, lies, deceit in a relation, flirting, loyalty, torn loyalty, devotion, heartbreak


Artwork – Edmund Leighton

© Karen Piscitelli


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