Asteroid 2063 Bacchus & Asteroid 3671 Dionysus

Asteroid 2063 Bacchus is an Apollo asteroid, and a Venus/Mars crosser, discovered on April 24th, 1977 (a Taurus) by Charles T Kowal, the astronomer who also discovered Chiron, and two of Jupiter’s Moons. It takes Bacchus around one year to orbit the Sun, so he spends around a month in each sign.

Asteroid 3671 Dionysus is an Amor asteroid, discovered by Caroline and Gene Shoemaker, May 27th, 1984.


Bacchus is a complete Roman adaption of Dionysus, the Greek God of wine and dance. The Roman name change was derived from bakkheia – the state of frenzy one reaches when under the influences of substances. It was the desire of Dionysus for one to drink, to free his mind of his cares and tribulations with the assistance of alcohol.

He is the son of Zeus and it is uncertain which actual Goddess, but there was jealousy from Hera in both instances. He was born from Zeus’s thigh and handed over to Hermes to be raised. His appearance is ambiguous, as in manly-feminine, or feminine-manly and he resided with the nymphs, who fed him and kept him well. He was an extremely attractive young man who had shape shifting abilities, being able to turn into a multitude of animals as a means of self-protection and deception.

It was Dionysus who bestowed upon Midas his gift of turning any object he touched into gold. This gesture was given in thanks for returning his teacher, Silenus, who had wandered away in a drunken stupor and fallen asleep in the garden of King Midas. In a callous story of revenge, Dionysus lured his cousin, to spy on the women of Thebes who worshiped Dionysus, as they performed one of their sacred ritual ceremonies.

Unbeknown to the cousin, one of the women was his mother, and carried away in her ecstasy, she failed to recognize her son, tearing him apart at the limbs, mistaking him for an animal. The women were then exiled from Thebes and Dionysus had achieved his revenge in their disbelief of his maternity. It is also said that Dionysus was a famous pupil of Chiron, learning the ways of the bacchic rites and initiations. Dionysus is also linked with causing insanity as a means to revenge but he was a keen student and is also linked with many of the magically inclined myths, professing his own level of magical inclination, especially with the subliminal.


To locate asteroid 2063 Bacchus and 3671 Dionysus in your natal chart, head over to and input the number 2063 in the additional objects field. Keep your aspects tight, conjunction, square, opposition and your orbs within 1 degree.

In your natal chart, Bacchus/Dionysus symbolizes a predisposition to escape life and its personal woes with alcohol in particular. I guess you can add alternative substances but I don’t think that is needed from the God of Wine. It is quite substance specific. It is an obvious indicator of alcoholism and escapism, an individual that will struggle to face life’s adversities head on.

There is also the mention of revenge and an individual with aspects to Bacchus will experience vengeful behavior and thoughts in their lifetime. It is the lesson of the individual to learn to utilize the higher qualities of Bacchus – the desire for learning, the natural understanding of the workings of the mind, the joy of body movement – as a means to problem solving, rather than seek negative retribution or substance escape.

With aspects to Bacchus, you would find relief in ritual, further studies and the arts. But the ultimate challenge is to ‘enjoy the party’, reach that point of frenzied ecstasy within the mind and without external input. However, even though alcoholism is a strong influence, be it the individual themselves, or those in their sphere, aspects to Bacchus are not necessarily a lost alcoholic cause. Once the reality of damage is ascertained, it is quite common for the Bacchus individual to become quite extremist and anti-alcohol altogether.

Despite the strong alcoholic overtones with Bacchus, aspects to the asteroid also indicate an extremely sensitive individual that has a true struggle with the harshness of the living experience. They have a solid understanding for how things ‘should’ be and absorb the negativity around them like a sponge. It is exhausting for the aspected Bacchus soul to continually attempt to lighten the mood and bring those in their intimate sphere to their ‘happy’ place. It is essential if you have strong Bacchus aspects to accept this element of your persona and find a comforting outlet for yourself. You also need to learn to separate the moods of the room and whilst it would be a shame to temper the strong, compassionate elements of this energy, it is essential for survival that you also learn to manage when you give, and when you retreat.

It is also stated:-


A better-known story is that of his descent to Hades to rescue his mother Semele, whom he placed among the stars.[27] He made the ascent from a reputedly bottomless pool on the coast of the Argolid near the prehistoric site of Lerna. He was guided by Prosymnus or Polymnus, who requested, as his reward, to be Dionysus’ lover. Prosymnus died before Dionysus could honor his pledge, so in order to satisfy Prosymnus’ shade, Dionysus fashioned a phallus from an olive branch and sat on it at Prosymnus’ tomb

Possible Keywords:

excess, happiness seeking, depression, moments of ecstasy, addictions, creativity, escapism, failure to accept reality, lies and deception, overall happiness, pure bliss, contentment, satisfaction, disappointment, unrealistic goals, unrealistic views on romance, naivety, inclination to follow blindly, sensitivity, compassion, strong desires to rise above unhappiness, positive outlook.

Artwork – Peter Paul Rubens


© Karen Piscitelli


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