Asteroid 158 Koronis


Asteroid 158 Koronis is a main belt asteroid discovered on January 4th, 1876 by Viktor Knorre.  Taking just under five years to orbit the Sun, she spends roughly four to five months in each sign, orbit and retrograde dependent.


With a name meaning ‘most beautiful’ – it is of no surprise to discover that Coronis was much loved by the God Apollo. However, whilst pregnant with Aesculapius and he was away doing whatever it was that Apollo did whilst he was away, Coronis fell in love Ischys. Now Apollo had left a beautiful white bird to watch over his love and when he was told about the love affair, he was furious and demanded Artemis put Coronis to death. After Artemis had slain Coronis, Apollo stole the unborn baby Aesculapius and handed him over to Chiron to be raised. Still angered at his bird familiar, he turned its feathers black, which is now recognised as the Raven or Crow. Coronis was eventually sent to the heavens as the constellation, Corvus, meaning the same.


To locate asteroid 158 Koronis in your natal chart, head over to or and input the number. Keep your orbs tight, within 1-2 degrees and your aspects major – conjunction, square, opposition, trine and quincunx.

In your natal chart, with the naming of ‘most beautiful’, you find that rulership and relevant aspects to Koronis indicate a slice in the chart where your most beautiful attributes/ or potential for success talents reside. For example:- Paula Abdul experiences her Koronis in Taurus, square her nodes, with her natural talents being her voice and dancing abilities. Julie Andrews, with Koronis in Libra also experiences a beauty of the voice (Venus), but trine her Gemini MC, she is also an author if children’s books.  Brigette Bardot experiences Koronis at 0 degrees Virgo in trine to her Taurus ruled Uranus. Apart from her acting modelling success, Ms Bardot is well known for extreme views on animal rights.

In transit, when natal Koronis is activated, you can find life taking new turns regards talent expression. Using Brigette Bardot as an example, when Mercury was conjunct her natal Koronis, and in trine to natal Uranus – she announced her retirement from the film industry. From 1997, as Pluto formed a square with natal Koronis, Bardot faced legal fine after legal fine for condemning publications regards the French President and animal rights. In 2003, with Mars in contact with natal Koronis, she was again threatened with legal action regards racial comments and. Again, in 2008 with Saturn in conjunction, she faced her harshest fine yet for politically incorrect comment. Another example is Julie Andrews. In 1997 – 1999, she was forced to take some time away from her successful broadway career due to vocal problems. In aspect at the time  of surgery was Chiron in conjunction to natal Koronis. Further along, Saturn in Aries opposition and Jupiter in Pisces quincunx are in aspect as she struggles to regain her voice and a subsequent legal battle as she sues the operating doctors for malpractice. Positive action from Uranus indicated it was time for her career revival, further encouraged by squares to Saturn in 2004.

It appears that transits to natal Koronis indicate tough challenges, hurdles and choices /or tear-filled eye success stories when the outer planets are involved. One can hypothesise that natal Koronis carries with her the stigma of taking one’s natural talents for granted, as Apollo must have felt on discovering his pregnant love had fallen for another man.


Possible Keywords:- natural talents (look to rulership and aspects), beautifully gifted, challenges to talents when in aspect, connected to Ravens or Crows, experiencing a connection with an animal familiar, potential love affair when in aspect by transit, possible infidelity, clashes with females when activated by transit, abusing one’s natural talents.


Art – copyright remains with the original artist, who is unknown
© Karen Piscitelli


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