Asteroid 105 Artemis


Asteroid 105 Artemis is a large main belt asteroid, discovered on September 16th, 1868 by J.C. Watson. Taking just over three and a half years to orbit the Sun, Artemis spends roughly two to three months in each sign, orbit and retrograde dependent.


In Ancient Greek mythology, Artemis is the daughter of Zeus and Leto, and twin sister to Apollo. She is the Greek Moon Goddess, with her symbolism extending to the triple Goddess (maiden, mother, crone), and her also being a protectess of children and childbirth, wild animals, mountains and the hunt. She also had the magical ability of issuing diseases in women, but was also responsible for healing of the same. The deer and the cypress is sacred to her, and she is depicted toting her silver bow and arrow (which is also ancient symbolism for the crescent moon).

Artemis is responsible for many deaths as the results of orders from the Olympic Gods. She slayed Niobe’s children for her boastful words against Leto, Artemis mother. She turned her devoted nymph Callisto into a bear for falling pregnant to Zeus and she was also responsible for the death of Adonis, either sending a boar to kill him for his boasting that he was a better hunter – or as revenge for his being favored by Aphrodite. It is stated that Artemis was as protective of others virginity as she was her own, but one claim does state that she did fall in love with one, and that was Orion. However, she was tricked into killing him by Apollo, who resented the intrusion or was equally as protective of her virgin state.



To locate asteroid 105 Artemis in your natal chart, head over to or Keep your aspects major:- conjunction, square, opposition or trine, and your orbs tight, within 1 degree.

Artemis is a warrior, a hunting and Moon Goddess, akin to Diana and Selene. She symbolizes the cycles of the Moon – the birth, the life and the death of a situation. One can assume that rulership of natal Artemis would detail your attitude towards conflict and your innate, competitive nature.

One important consideration regards Artemis is related to sex. She was a fit, active woman, who was aggressively protective of her virginity. It was her choice and one she fought valiantly to maintain. Natal Artemis can indicate your attitude towards sex in general, timidity for one thing, being the dominant partner another.

Business can also be brought into consideration with Artemis, as chasing the financial is certainly the modern day hunt. Yet again, rulership will determine your approach and competitive edge, especially when in the firing line of another’s aims.

In transit, when natal Artemis is activated or is triggering a natal planet or luminary, you are being called in to protect, perhaps even attack – depending on the planet or luminary who has her ignited. However impartial her intended symbolism may be, Artemis was a proud Goddess, so it is not beyond her to lash out through jealousy or spite.

Possible Keywords:- competitiveness, aggression, connection to sexuality, importance of sexual intimacy, business acumen, birth, life, death, protection of animals, ambition, outdoorsy type, love or detest hunting, possible vegetarian link, pride, spite, emotionally aloof, detached from intimacy, womens rights activist


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