Asteroid 1036 Ganymed


Asteroid 1036 Ganymed is an Amor (near Earth) asteroid  discovered on October 23rd, 1924 by Walter Baade. She takes near four and a half years to orbit the Sun, spending around four to five months in a sign, orbit or retrograde dependent.


In Ancient Greek mythology, Ganymede was stated as being the most beautiful lad in Troy, so beautiful that Zeus turned himself into an eagle and stole the youth away to Olympus. Here, he replaced Hebe, much to Hera’s disgust and dislike, as cupbearer to the Gods. Ganymede is also the brother Tithonus, the youthful love of the Goddess Eos, who was gifted with immortality, but not eternal youth. So fond of Ganymede was Zeus, that ultimately, he cast him into the heavens as the constellation Aquarius, where he remains to this day.


To locate asteroid 1036 Ganymed in your natal chart, head over to Keep your aspects major:- conjunction, square, opposition, trine and your orbs tight, within 1-2 degrees. Ganymede, is also a Moon of Jupiter, so perhaps an extra consideration for your chart.

In your natal chart, Ganymed indicates an area of life where others are attracted to you, not as an individual, but because of a particular ‘aura’ that they desire. This isn’t envy related and they’re not interested in the entire package of you – they’re just drawn in and want you around them as some sort of trophy achievement. This can relate to appearance, intellect, social skills, social standing, fame – whatever – just something unique about you that they are intensely attracted to. So much so, they want you to become their ‘possession’.

Other considerations revolve around immaturity and youth, so there could well be a connection relating to children or teenagers. Ganymed’s father was distraught at his sons abduction, yet Hermes and Zeus consoled him with the reminder that his new role as cupbearer was of great privilige. So akin to the symbolism of Aquarius, Ganymed can symbolism detachment from the emotions and the intimate environment – forsaking closeness or personal desire, for the greater good of the collective.

One should also not ignore the linking to ‘cupbearing’ and include alcohol when considering the possible affects of natal Ganymed.

In transit, activated Ganymed indicates a time when your skills/appearance/persona is highly prized by another individual. Whilst it can be easy to be swept away by charm or flattery – keep in mind the hidden agenda that this asteroid brings. Also in transit, Ganymed indicates situations involving youth, immature others, or a heightened social calendar where you are entertaining, or being entertained.

Possible Keywords:- possessiveness, feeling like someone’s prize, valued for one aspect of self, looks based attraction, sexual based attraction, intellectual based attraction, children, working with children, teenagers, working with teenagers, immature behaviour, alcohol – dislike/addiction, working in the food and drink industry, entertaining, socialising


Art – Peter Paul Rubens
© Karen Piscitelli


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