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Hello and welcome.

If this is the first time you have read my work, I hope you enjoy my numerous studies. Others, will have enjoyed some of this material on Ravenesque over the last few years, before I deleted my blog due to an overload of unnecessary negativity. It seems like the negativity never ends, and sadly, this content has been popping up left, right and centre without proper citation or permission from me.

So, here it is.

For those who are new to my work, I have been a professional astrologer and tarot reader for many years, and have been blessed with clients from all over the world. I have written astrology and tarot sun sign forecasts in the past, for both my own websites, others websites and a magazine. My specialties, apart from my beloved asteroids, are transits to the natal chart, impact of the outer planets, some level of predictive astrology, and of course, lunar articles.

These days, I rarely write about astrology these days, preferring to focus on my family, my beloved animals and garden, my health and well-being, my tarot studies, and my creative pursuits.

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day xo

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